Life Invader stock advice. (spoilers)

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User Info: Justincblount

3 years ago#1
After a certain mission, Life Invader is basically a "dead" company. In my game, it is fluctuating around 3 to 5 percent. This seems like a good stock to invest in because of how much the percentage changes within a short time. You can keep investing at 3.40 and sell at 4.60 for big return that can be repeated fairly quickly. If you bought $2 shares and sold them at $4, that's doubling your investment.

User Info: Justincblount

3 years ago#2
Some people have said the stock recovers after a while, but maybe that's random.

User Info: creativeme

3 years ago#3
i dunno i haven't seen anything yet but i'm waiting till later in the game. so far just seems like a wasted money investing in it.

User Info: Casul346

3 years ago#4
Mine has not recovered at all after completing the game.

It does well percentage wise because it is so cheap, so you can make millions trading as it goes up or down a dollar.
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User Info: Justincblount

3 years ago#5
You have to wait until it drops before investing. If you bought the shares right after the mission, that's bad because it still continues to drop a while after that.

User Info: ledzepp27

3 years ago#6
Yea I keep posting this, but no ones responded to it yet in the past couple days.

ledzepp27 posted...
If you watch the lifeinvader stock you can make some good money. I had 45 mil and started watching and investing in it and now I'm at 80mil with Franklin. And it should be getting progressively faster since I'm able to invest more money now.

For me it's been ranging from $2.20-$3.11 and it changes pretty fast, so % wise that's a huge gain or loss. I just keep multiple saves and save often, and when It stops going up I sell it and rebuy after I think it's done going down. Doing that gets a lot of money.

Two days ago it was at $2.20 and ended at $2.70. And then yesterday it was $2.70 and went up to $3.11 then all at once it dropped back to $2.25. And I knew it wouldn't go down anymore so I poured all my money into it, and its at like $2.45 now. But inbetween there were little fluctuations which i cashed in on of like 5-10% or so each. That way is pretty tedious but you could just invest when it's low and sit on it too.
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