Wake up people.

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User Info: IiXxCodMw3xXiI

3 years ago#1
With the new info coming out that you have to pay real money to get money in online I thought I write this.


Rockstar is a company and they only think about getting money, they dont care about the customers or making the game good as long as they get the money. Now theres another proof of their greedyness (in the link above) and pre order bonuses and so also show that. The game doesnt look like any special either, there are very many flaws in this game and which shows that Rockstar didnt really put in any effort in this game.

Anyway blind Gta fans, stop praising Rockstar like a god, they only want your money, not your opinion.

User Info: GrandTh3ftAuto

3 years ago#2
When are you going to stop trolling this board?
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User Info: _Caker_

3 years ago#3
Your trolling would be a lot less obvious if your name wasnt COD. Just sayin.


3 years ago#4
This kid doesn't understand the point of a business.

TC come talk to me when you afford to at the very least pay my $2,460 monthly mortgage.
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User Info: BeefEaster

3 years ago#5
keep trollin' trollin' trollin'

there's really no point for you to post on this board anymore because everyone instantly knows it's a troll topic
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3 years ago#6
You are aware that microtransactions are completely optional right? Of course you don't, trolls only understand how to troll.
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User Info: happypor100pre

3 years ago#7
Even if it was true I still wouldn't give a dam.
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User Info: IiXxCodMw3xXiI

3 years ago#8
BENGALSFAN81 posted...
You are aware that microtransactions are completely optional right? Of course you don't, trolls only understand how to troll.

Its "optional". Since its on Rockstar will make it so it will take ages to make money the right way and "force" people to buy it through micro-transactions. Rockstar has designed the online mode more so they can make money instead of giving the player a good gaming session.

User Info: IiXxCodMw3xXiI

3 years ago#9
People accepting this are the ones thats destroying the gaming community.

User Info: zerobobo

3 years ago#10
I'll wait till its out to judge it.
If its just dumb weapon skins and crap id ont care. let jimmy spoiled kid spent 5 bucks on golden weapon skins. i'll just shoot him on sight faster.
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