Worst way to die...

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User Info: SLay

4 years ago#1
A shootout, mountain lion or automobile tree death?

So far the Mountain lion has got me 4 times. ****
Miami Hurricanes.

User Info: CLMitchell

4 years ago#2
Getting shot to pieces by police because you committed the cardinal sin of shooting a mountain lion that was trying to kill you.

Though maybe that makes some twisted lick of sense, this being California, the Animal "Rights" Nutjob capital of the US.
"You got your good things, and I got mine."

User Info: Purple_Cheetah

4 years ago#3
Got a HVY dump stuck on on the guardrail over the small bridge next to the quarry, had to get out and during the animation I saw it in the distance. Landed down on the tracks below as a train closed in and hit Micheal before he could get up.

I'd say cougar though out of those, if you hear em before you see em it's probably too late.

User Info: ShELbY_GT500

4 years ago#4
Worst way to die? Pouring a trail of gasoline around a suburban street, making NPCs jump out of their cars. You finally get a good trail going making sure there are lots of things that are going to go up in flames. You walk back to your car (because real men ignite the flames with their exhaust pipe) and some mofo gives you a love tap in their car and you die.

User Info: panda360

4 years ago#5
I ditched my parachute and slid along a flat floor... to my death.

Switched to Trevor whilst he was flying a plane. I instantly lost control and hit the ground.

Got attacked by three Mexican fellas asking for papers. Killed two and the third shotgunned me to the ground and I died before I could finish him off.

This game has a horrible way of giving you bad karma.

User Info: SpeedDizzy

4 years ago#6
get a city bus, take it to a good train tunnel and park it sideways in front of it, you can get a pretty spectacular launch that will most likely kill you (it did me at least lol)
GT: Speed Dizzy

User Info: Rone8822

4 years ago#7
Shark that you never see coming.

User Info: A_Long_December

4 years ago#8

Doing the Maze Bank jump with Dom, parachuting into a lamppost and having your body slung over it only to fall and get run over by the truck you're supposed to land on
"You can fly, but we control the lightning."

User Info: 95_Eclipse

4 years ago#9
Shot gun to the side of the face, for sitting in a parking space too long.
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User Info: Xade76

4 years ago#10
Dying because Lester is trying repeatedly to call you on your cell phone for story-related reasons while Ballas are shooting at you. Considering you can't do anything in the way of combat when on the cell phone, it's pretty f***ing pathetic to die while casually sauntering around with a phone glued to your ear and gangbanger bullets turning your ass into Swiss cheese.

My Top 5: Tetris Attack!, EarthBound, Yoshi's Island, Donkey Kong Country 2, and Dark Souls
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