Merryweather... *spoilers*

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User Info: WadsterShakelok

4 years ago#1
I've heard you don't make any money off the Merryweather heist. Does this heist effect stocks in any way you can take advantage of?

User Info: Dracula_basic

4 years ago#2
It may effect the Merryweather stocks I don't know haven't checked yet

User Info: WadsterShakelok

4 years ago#3
Bump. I decided to invest in Merryweather after the mission since the stock dipped. Does anyone know if it goes up later?

User Info: PingPong5361

4 years ago#4
I don't think it'll go back up. Later in the game as Trevor you jack a cargo plane from them and then you get shot down by the military. Radio reports imply that nobody knows it was you since they say something along the lines of "government officials are now reconsidering their decision to let Merryweather operate on U.S. soil". While I haven't paid attention to their stocks, I'd imagine they took a pretty big hit for that little stunt :)
"Do you want me to get my d*** out again?" - Trevor, GTA V

User Info: xtacb

4 years ago#5
its goes down after those missions

but does it even bounce back up?

(could make quite a bit if it is guaranteed to go back up)

or does it stay low like the Lifeinvader stocks?
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  3. Merryweather... *spoilers*

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