Crime is no longer fun.

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User Info: HellsDrunkard

3 years ago#51
I really only find it hard to escape 4 or 5 stars (I've never escaped 5 yet).

The cops are pretty predictable at 3 or less, though the chopper at 3 can make things tricky if you aren't near a bridge or something. My only problem his low long you have to wait before they disappear. It's gotta be at least 45 seconds, and I think shortening it by at least a third would be better. It's boring having to sit there that long.

User Info: Uber-Wonton

3 years ago#52
Absolutely love this game, but you can get a wanted level for the most ridiculous reasons. I pulled out my phone to check a message and happened to be near a hooker and she called the cops. Seriously W.T.F.

Also it takes way too long for the stars to disappear after you go out of sight. It's just plain boring and tedious waiting for a full minute hiding in an alley or playing pacman with the cops and hoping one doesn't magically appear around the corner.

User Info: Lupin the 4th

Lupin the 4th
3 years ago#53
Dbueguy posted...
razyman2000 posted...
So your saying the LOS SANTOS cops are very aggressive and unfair?

Do you know what city LOS SANTOS is satirizing?

Look if you don't like the game or parts of the game, that's perfectly understandable. Problem is all of this whining. What's the point? It bugs me the most when people on this board start demanding that Rockstar patch it to nerf the police reaction.

It's really getting overblown. The cops do react more often to murders (except melee weapon kills and unarmed kills, which feels about the same as other GTA games) but the cops have to actually get there and take so long in the desert and wilderness areas that it makes a one star "cops looking for you" level a non issue if you know how to play. In the wilderness you don't even have to really do anything to lose them, just avoid the cops if you notice them pop up on your radar.

Personally I think the new system is way more fun and actually makes crime fun again. I love the GTA series but shooting sprees and random crimes got so boring very quickly when you could just run away or shoot your way out and run away (as is the case in GTA 4, where the cops were way too easy to escape) and you were pretty much superhuman in the other GTA games.

I understand if this isn't your type of system but many of us do like the new twist on the wanted system. It's easier to get a wanted level but it's also easier to lose them so it's an interesting trade off. The fact that cops need an actual line of sight in order to chase you down really makes it easier while having a new sense of tension when you have a wanted level and the police are getting a bit too close to you.

Have you paid any attention to games over the last few years? "Whining" on boards like this does get stuff done or changed when it becomes loud enough. Want to know what's really pointless? Your whining about the whining. Go enjoy the game.

What's even more pointless? You whining about him whining about people whining.

And spouting bull about whining on a message board actually accomplishing anything. Can't forget that gem.
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User Info: shadeaux

3 years ago#54
It's way too easy to get stars, and it takes way too long out of sight to get rid of them. I don't want to have to spend 45s hiding because I clipped a couple peds dodging a car who didn't signal their turn while on the way to something.

My favorite star so far happened when I glitched off a ladder and fell into someone while getting a ufo part... Instant star and ensuing waste of time chase for a glitched bump into 1 of the millions of worthless NPCs. You used to be able to run over masses of people and get a single star. Now you walk into someone and you get a star that more or less instantly elevates to 2, then 3 if you have the audacity to fire a single bullet.
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