Favorite car/drivable thing?

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User Info: JackieMoon33

3 years ago#1
Just wondering what everyone's favorite ride is on this game.

For the cars, i love the Banshee because they look amazing. But the Feltzer and the Coquette feel the best when driving.

But my overall favorite ride is the BMX. I love just pedaling through the city and mountains hopping all over the place.
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User Info: Fyreboi

3 years ago#2
The Comet

'Its small and extremely fast with good handling

The Apsotrophe at the start of Its is because Gamefaqs still cant handle the word Its following a sentence with a word ending with T :D
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User Info: dooyaunastan

3 years ago#3
Obey 9F (the R8 look alike)

and the Elegy R8 (GTR look alike)

Comet performs in game just like a Porsche would in real life, rump all over the place

Coquette is nice but is almost as bad as the Comet with spinning out of control
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User Info: BHAALER

3 years ago#4
The Declasse Tornado (droptop convertible.) It may not the be the fastest car with the best brakes, but it's still a lot of fun to drive around in. Stylin' and Profilin'

Helicopters are my preferred vehicle of choice overall, the Cargobob being my favorite.
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User Info: Lahar

3 years ago#5
For novelty, the BF Injection. Along with the Nagasaki Blazer and the Dune Buggy, I just love going off-road, especially cutting over mountains. And with the front/rear fender bars? (pardon my car ignorance) the Injection can take a bit of a beating, at least with head-ons and rear-endings.

Among the phallus substitutes, I like the Infernus (mostly because of the rear design with the exhaust backfire), followed by the Coil Voltic. Both feel great to me at high speeds.
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User Info: lostoutlawnb

3 years ago#6
any chopper style motorcycle

User Info: psycho42069

3 years ago#7
Grotti Cobonizzare

Max that baby out then say goodbye to police choppers, and look like a Triple-A douchebag all at once!!

That thing is a friggin rocketship on wheels!
GT: psycho42069
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User Info: -CheeseSteak-

3 years ago#8
I like the quad.
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User Info: elconoM

3 years ago#9
Vigero muscle. Those hoods...
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