Companies to invest in for Lester missions?

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User Info: Epicgnome

4 years ago#1
Can someone list them please? I am going to be restarting the game and I planned on saving Assassination missions until after the very end of the game so I can invest all my heist money into the proper companies.

Thank you!
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4 years ago#2
There's a very informative sticky on the PS3 board. Here's the link:

User Info: Ferrari_Carr

4 years ago#3
Hotel Assassination - Invest in BettaPharmaceuticals

Multi-Target Assassination - Invest in Debonaire Cigarettes.

Vice Assassination - Invest in Fruit.

Bus Assassination - Invest in Vapid.

Construction Assassination - Invest in GoldCoast.

User Info: thanos17

4 years ago#4
After the Debonaire invest sell at 50-75% increase.

Then immediately invest in redwood...wait two in-game days and stock price climbs to 300% sell then.
(most important step many leave out)
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  3. Companies to invest in for Lester missions?

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