This game has the top two worst GTA missions ever.

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  3. This game has the top two worst GTA missions ever.

User Info: krazykiwikid

4 years ago#1
Yoga and Container Shifting Dock Yard Simulator. What in the god damn hell were R* thinking putting this awful crap in the game. You can tell they were really stretching for putting in something as filler but these two mission came off so obvious and badly it made them look stupid. I quit the game for about a week because I accidentally failed the yoga and couldn't force myself to do something so painfully boring and stupid. The container shifting thing was just boring.

User Info: son_of_jorel

4 years ago#2 the f*** did you fail YOGA?
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User Info: orangenee

4 years ago#3
Vice City and San Andreas hold that honour.

The Driver and those two CATALINA races.

God I hate typing on these ****ing phones.....
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User Info: JKPSP

4 years ago#4
orangenee posted...
Vice City and San Andreas hold that honour.

The Driver and those two Carolina races.

Oh God, 'The Driver' that was laughably difficult. I was admittedly like 12-15 at the time but Jesus Christ.
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User Info: afrodude77

4 years ago#5
Yeah imo the Driver holds the title of worst GTA mission

but the dock yard mission was pretty annoying had 0 trouble with the yoga mission
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User Info: krazykiwikid

4 years ago#6
son_of_jorel posted... the f*** did you fail YOGA?

By hating every second of it being bored, uninterested, and offended.

User Info: axman36

4 years ago#7
Oh God, The Driver.

That's some bad memories right there.

User Info: nativengine

4 years ago#8
Espresso to Go will always hold the top spot for my most hated GTA mission.
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User Info: krazykiwikid

4 years ago#9
I don't remember the driver, but I'd rather play something that's difficult than something that's horribly stupid and boring.

User Info: Chisoka

4 years ago#10
If you consider that there were quite a number of other missions which were included in the 69 mission total, such as the Masks and Boiler Suits (having to purchase masks and boiler suits - how original) as well as several other heist prep missions which barely took a minute or so, and counted as a full mission but was nothing but a filler, you come to the realisation just how very short the main story actually is and how disappointing the game is as a whole. You expect a huge sprawling epic story as large as the world you're playing in, but so much of the world and oppurtunities have been wasted.

In GTA V R* created a visually stunning open world with nice details, and it was hyped as the game to end all games on the current generation, but at the end of the experience you come to realise just how empty and short it is.

The medal system for each mission is a cheap way to try and extend the life of the game after completion, but even with my OCD I really can't be bothered with this. GTA has always been about the Single Player experience, but it appears that now R* have decided to go the CoD route and focus on Online Multiplayer at the expense of Single Player. Breaking news for R*: not every player wants to play online and only purchases the game for the SP.

GTA IV (and I include the DLC) was the last truly great GTA game, much better than V in terms of gameplay, player immersion in the game, epic story, wonderfully written characters, a city with more atmosphere and character with far more things to do once the game has been beaten, and hence more replay value. I've been playing and replaying GTA IV regularly since its release. Sadly, GTA V does not hold the same for me once I've obtained the SP achievements.
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