Question about O'Neil's phone call to Trevor (Spoiler)

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User Info: GAM3_Ov3Rs

4 years ago#1
I had already blown up the meth lab. Just got finished the Port of LS heist, I get a phone call from O'Neil but couldn't answer because I triggered a 2 star wanted level and was getting shot at.

Can't seem to trigger the phone call to happen again despite switching back to Trevor multiple times. Anything important said during this phone conversation? Can't find any audio on this anywhere.

User Info: TheSuperGameGod

4 years ago#2
Nothing important that will alter the game in any way. An O'neill brother basically tells Trevor that's it nothing but business, or something like that.

User Info: Pennywise380

4 years ago#3
I think that the above poster is talking about the first call, before Trevor kills most of the O'Neil brothers.

As for the call you're talking about, TC, one of the O'Neils calls Trevor and yells at him for a bit. Trevor responds along the lines of "Ooh, I'm so scared, come and threaten me to my face' and the brother replies along the lines of 'Ok, I will - I don't know when, I've got things to do right now, but I'll come when I'm ready!'
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  3. Question about O'Neil's phone call to Trevor (Spoiler)

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