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User Info: EarlJenson

3 years ago#1
We have no speedometer, but we do have the "fastest speed" in the menu.

So here's what I did: Fail every mission to skip any driving portions. This has limitations... in the intro, one of the checkpoints has Michael blazing down the road in Yankton at about 67 Mph... when Franklin pulls up to Lamar in the first mission, he's going about 40.9 Mph, and when Trevor pushes the guy in the camper into the river, you go about 23 Mph.

I got up to Friends Reunited so property would unlock, then abused the hidden package respawning to get enough cash to buy the garages and hangars and a couple million more in case I'd need it to test some cars. Right now though, I'm still working on stuff that spawns near the airport entrance.
The idea is that the airport gives you the the least obstructed, longest, and most level stretch of ground in the game, and you've got to get that far so Franklin or Michael can buy hangars and get on there without having to worry about cops.

I go to the runway to the southwest - it seems to be the longest - and start accelerating in the area with the landing lights, then go until I hit the dirt near the lights at the opposite end. Then, I go to the nearby LSC and trick out the car to maximize acceleration and test that. Finally, I make one last pass from east to west and trigger Franklin's special ability... hitting pause to check speed before I hit the little dirt hump that gives you some spectacular flips. I then reload and see what the car fairy leaves for me to jack near the airport entrance for the next test.

I know I'm getting near top speed on the runway with everything I've tried, because your special ability meter starts filling when you go 90% of a car's top speed. But when the top speed numbers go into the hundredths, it seems like there's still something on the table. There have been a couple of cars where I got a flat number, like 86 Mph for the Dubsta and 75 in the Emperor, so I'm inclined to believe those...

But anyway. Since nothing changes a car's top speed, you'd expect that the added acceleration just allows you to hit that speed sooner. This is not the case.

As I said, the unmodded Dubsta gave me 86 Mph.
Getting acceleration as high as I could, that went up to 92.89.
With Franklin's ability + increased acceleration, that got up to 136.39.

Now I'm wondering...
Does driving skill effect speed or acceleration? The text I've seen seems to indicate not... but I'm not sure. And if Franklin's special were maxed and thus last longer, would you be able to reach even higher speeds? These questions are problematic for this set-up, since driving around puts me in danger of increasing that 40.9 number, which would further limit my ability to test.

And for the record, adding a better suspension didn't give me significantly different numbers. I tested a couple vehicles that way when the car fairy decided to give me things I'd already tried.

User Info: DarkLordMorsul

3 years ago#2
I think theeasiest way to test whether driving skill affects speed and accelration would be to test two characters with differet levels in the same car?
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User Info: JGA1980

3 years ago#3
The runway probably isn't long enough for a proper top speed test. especially in the faster cars.

The freeways are the best place, despite not being completely straight or flat and being occupied.

I managed to get up to 292.44mph in an Adder on the freeway route between Franklin's Los Santos Customs shop and his Grove St garage. Once you start using his special and drive between the lanes, his special bar refills from all the near misses almost as fast as it depletes, giving you the best chance at a maximum speed run... until you hit something and fly out of the car.

User Info: EarlJenson

3 years ago#4
Well, I managed to max out Franklin's special pretty easily... the Airtug is slower than 40.9 Mph even when using his special, so I just circled the airstrip building it up and using it.

Maxing the driving stat is proving more difficult. I got it up over 80 doing a handful of stunt jumps that are possible to complete at low speeds... but I think I've exhausted those and just repeating them doesn't seem to be getting me anywhere. Guess I'll have to see if it's possible to do a wheelie at less than 40Mph...

I would've tried the other characters to compare, but Trevor'd still get a wanted level at the airstrip and at this point in the story, every time I switch to Mike it goes right into Fame or Shame.

User Info: EarlJenson

3 years ago#5
Got driving to 100 by driving the Airtug against traffic along the coastal route to Paleto. And... it apparently has no effect on top speed. Good to know, anyway.

It occurs to me that there's another way to work the problem, though. We know that the special meter begins to fill when you go 90% of a vehicle's top speed. So you could also ballpark the top speed by pausing it as soon as it starts filling, and dividing the listed speed by .9. I think there's a slight delay between the bar raising activity and the bar actually filling... and there's naturally going to be a delay between the bar filling and the player noticing it and hitting pause... but it should give some idea of the target number.

User Info: EarlJenson

3 years ago#6
Okay, so... some findings (all values from stock cars):

Trashmaster is fast. Should be capable of about 82 Mph, Was able to get it to 78.19.
Taxi is faster than I expected. Should top out around 97 Mph, I got it to 96.7

There are a few missions where you need a four-door getaway vehicle, so sedans...

Dundeary Regina obviously sucks, to the tune of about 70 Mph.
Albany Emperor is garbage, only getting to about 76.6.
Karin Asterope is an improvement at about 88.
The Cheval Fugitive and Vapid Stanier are a little better at about 90.
Albany Washington is the best I've tested, at about 96 Mph.

There have been a few where the meter refill suggests a much lower top speed than I've observed; when the Karin BeeJay XL started filling the meter, it ought to top out at around 70... but I was able to get it up to almost 85. Don't know why the difference... I only expect things to accelerate into infinity when using Franklin's special.

Still just testing stuff that spawns in the neighborhood of the airport, so I haven't gotten to anything too exciting like the supers or most sports cars yet.

User Info: TRC187

3 years ago#7
Pretty interesting, keep it up.
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User Info: Elemenope

3 years ago#8
heres some interesting info:

and if you got a google account, here's a spreadsheet that has literally every stat for every car in the game:
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User Info: EarlJenson

3 years ago#9
That spreadsheet is *awesome*.

And I get to feel slightly relevant still, because max velocity as listed there =/= what the game considers top speed.
If you had to get 90% of those numbers, meters would never fill from going fast!
The only way you're going to get a Ruiner up to 145 is to drive it down a mountain. From my testing it's "top speed" is about 112 Mph, which is about as good as the Bullet.

User Info: FDFHighPunch

3 years ago#10
^I think those are simply values. They're not MPH.^

The Adder still is listed as having the highest velocity. But I stand by the Feltzer with all upgrades for now. Im going to try Entity XF loaded up later.

The traction values are interesting in that spreadsheet. The Adder doesn't rank even in the top 20 for best traction so maybe when you fully upgrade the Adder, it loses some of it's control and therefore cannot handle the overdrive speeds. The Feltzer ranks high in traction. So does the Entity XF which makes me think that will hug the road even at top speed. The Carbonizzare has the 2nd highest velocity but just like the Adder, it suffers from low traction.

Adder, 160 vel, 2.5 traction max, 2.38 min
Carbon, 158 vel, 2.38 max, 2.2 min
Feltzer, 153 vel, 2.65 max, 2.3 min
Entity XF, 155 vel, 2.75 max, 2.6 min
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