Just finished the game and disapointed

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User Info: kg88222

3 years ago#1
I'm starting to think GTA is the most overrated game around. PLaying the final missions I just couldn't help but think this is not fun. A lot of trial and error with trying to drop items and I think i was more relieved the game was actually over than anything. Did anyone else get this feeling when playing this game? Love open world action adventure games but GTA just seems to miss the mark somewhere as far as fun. The game is more a nuisance then actually fun gameplay.

User Info: FeelMyBlade

3 years ago#2
Nope. Enjoyed every minute of it.
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User Info: VG_Soldier

3 years ago#3
Nope, my first GTA V experience was great.
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User Info: Xclaim

3 years ago#4
Hell no. Not only was this by far my best experience with GTA, this is the first GTA I've ever finished.
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User Info: baueris24

3 years ago#5
Nope this game was great to me!

You mentioned this game being overrated. If I was to name the most overrated game in the GTA series, I would say GTA San Andreas has to be it!

User Info: B0vril

3 years ago#6
Certainly there are aspects that are lacking or disappointing, but these big games are always like that. It's hard to escape the expectations, but I've still had a ton of fun playing the story & countless hours beyond just messing about.

User Info: gamer2510

3 years ago#7
San Andreas is most definitely the most overrated GTA. It's viewed as some pinnacle of the series that is never going to happen again, but it's so spread out, half of the missions make no sense, and then you have people with no idea what they're talking about when they say things like "In 5 the Ballas had taken over Grove Street." It's not even the same freaking universe. You won't see CJ or Cesar or Wu Zi Mu. It's over. Get over it.

That being said, I think that 5 wasn't as great as people claimed it was. It's really good, but I enjoyed IV more.

User Info: Stonedwolfed

3 years ago#8
GTA peaked with GTA 2.
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User Info: Joseph091472

3 years ago#9
The only GTA's I finished were GTA SA, GTA IV Complete Edition, GTA SA, but I played GTA Trilogy (GTA III, VC, and SA), but didn't complete it only GTA SA, and other ones I mentioned that I completed. If anybody wants to play GTA IV or GTA V, then message me on here.
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User Info: robitussin217

3 years ago#10
I thought it was kinda dull for the first dozen hours and lost interest with kind of a "meh" opinion of it. After coming back, I've really nestled into the aspects that appeal to me and like it a lot more. One of the things that strikes me is how drawn in I got with the characters. I got more immersed in their personas and started roleplaying. Apart from the game mechanics that separate their lives, I had a lot of fun giving them cars I thought they would want and giving them separate things to do. Franklin steals cars and sees how much money for mods he can get by robbing stores, Michael goes to the strip joint and cheats on his wife with the strippers, and Trevor robs armored trucks and people, especially ones who say something rude.
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