The GTA V "Street, Car, or Store" Game!

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User Info: CaIiber345

3 years ago#1
GTA V is known for its satire and parody. This often translates into the way that streets, cars, and even stores are named. So let's play a game.

Post a Street, Car, or Store name from GTA V. An example would be Ocelot. We can also allow either the Make or Model of vehicles. I'd imagine that some stores and cars may even work if two names are listed.

The first person to correctly guess if the previous post is a Street, Car, or Store in GTA V then gets to post one. So on and so forth.

I'll start.


Good luck and have fun!
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User Info: LazarusNecrosis

3 years ago#2
Fuque is a car, IIRC.

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