DLC and in-game add ins I want

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User Info: Enkaiichi

3 years ago#11
So... we're turning Gta5 into Saints Row now?

User Info: Enkaiichi

3 years ago#12
MrcTOtheJ posted...
3. Hostile Takeover Pack:

Missions: Five or so Missions for each protagonist. Basically they involve taking over the businesses listed for Each protag, a cheaper pack than the last two I listed.

New Businesses:
-Trevor: Drug Manufacturing farm
-Franklin: Premium Deluxe Motorsport
-Michael: Richard's Majestic

New Mini Missions:
-Trevor: Drug Distribution (go to drug deals, steal rival dealer's stashes, bust up drug deals and take the money from each side much like Drug wars in TBoGT just more in depth, and it dosen't allways turn out to be a s*** storm lol)
-Franklin: Car Import/Export (Get the cars on the list, geting them makes them available to purchase at PDM for each protag like the crane in San Fierro in San Andreas, you then can sell anything at PDM after that Franklin gets a price bonus on them being the owner)
-Michael: Stunt Man (Do various stunts for the movies you're making at the theater, from driving to sky diving to shoot outs)

New Vehicles: Cartell Crusier (Available at the Drug Farm) Super GT (Now based on the Aston Martin One-77, available at PDM) Deluxo (Available at PDM, though at Richards Majestic there's one based off of a Certain Time Vehicle that spawns)

New Vehicle Mods: JB700 Conversion (Makes the Weapons functional on the JB700) Ejector Seats (can be reloaded at any LSC) Nitrous

New Weapons: Desert Eagle, Pipe Wrench.

New Outfits:
Trevor: TP Enterprises Biker outfit (A Lost MC outfit with the Lost name painted over with TP Enterprises, and some profane graffiti over the Lost MC Patch)
Franklin: Business Man Suit
Michael: Associate Producer Atire (Shades, a spiffy Black Suit, and Nice Leather Shoes)

4. III Era Nostalgia Pack:

New Clothes:
Michael: Tommy Vercitti's Outfit, Donald Love's Suit (III), Ken Rosenburg's Suit (SA)
Trevor: Claude Speed's Outfit, Truth's Outfit, Avery Outfit
Franklin: CJ's Outfit, 8-Ball's Outfit, Lance Vance's Suit

New Vehicles: Greenwood, Cheetah (VC Version), Love Fist Limo, Hotring Racer, Savanna, Idaho, Balista Compact (based on IV Version but still it was 90% the same anyways) Elegy (SA Version) VC Stinger. Jetpack

New Vehicle Mods-Hydralics

New Weapons: Chainsaw, Katana, Classic Wood Grain AK-47, Molotov, Screwdriver, Bat, Shovel

New Mini Missions: Paramedic, Fire Fighter (Comeplete and you get said outfits)

New Strangers and Freaks: Supriseingly close to Nostalgic situations such as geting a Jetpack out of fort Zancudo...

Really the only post i could take seriously here..

User Info: krazykiwikid

3 years ago#13
Some decent music would be nice...

User Info: DilatedEyeGreen

3 years ago#14
I really REALLY enjoy the idea of having a double barrel shotgun in this game. I definately want that, along with a flamethrower (which does in fact get mentioned by one of the ammunation guys claiming to have sold one), meatcleaver, and a hard rock radio station.

You know what else i miss? People's heads popping off into the sky and blood squirting out the neck in a very cartoonish matter when you shoot them in the head with a sniper
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