Just Beat the game, and I really needed to say this

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User Info: DeAdMaNRoLliN

3 years ago#21
I only used the skip button a couple of times in the entire game, and all of them were during flying missions. I struggled with landing the aircrafts in the proper place.

I've never thought I'd be saying this for a GTA game, but GTA V was short. Even with all the side missions. I did most of the strangers and freaks stuff, but didn't manage the collectibles. Didn't do much leisure stuff either. Finished at 80%

I thought I had a lot more to do with GTA IV's 75%
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User Info: schmittycent2

3 years ago#22
That due to the fact people complained about gta 4 being to long.
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User Info: Lanijon

3 years ago#23
It also has to do with a lot of V's content not counting toward 100% completion. Of all the hobbies, strangers and freaks missions, miscellaneous tasks, and random events, over half of them aren't even required.

User Info: Just_The_Tip

3 years ago#24
nativengine posted...
jreed1337 posted...
nativengine posted...
jreed1337 posted...
MasterFoxCheif3 posted...

This new school of video gaming makes games waaaaay too easy for my liking.

you're telling me. i beat mega man 1, 2, & 3, i can all but guarantee the gamers of todays generation would barely make it past the first or second boss. heh

I'd love to see the rage of todays youth from Battletoads.

rented that game from my local grocery store way back when, played for an hour or so, raged hard, never touched it again. haha, ill have to give it a go on my PSP, i forgot all about that game.

remember when you could rent games at the grocery store? ahh, the good ol days. =)

I do actually. I remember renting from party stores too. I also remember when video stores had a "special" room in the back.

Haha, I'm old enough that I hit 18 right at the tail end of that. I felt so grown up.
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User Info: Navex

3 years ago#25
Hope these cash cards aren't too popular or RS will just keep focusing more and more on the online than actual game in future titles. If they hadn't spent so much development on MP in this we would have gotten a single player with more things to do and a longer story guarantee.

Since it was brought up I just want to say I loved Niko's story in IV and thought the story was great. I do not think it was too long but rather the last act was kind of stale. I think the problem was near the end of the game you were working for three mafia guys (all who are in the same family) so the variety was gone. All 3 of them were too similar in their structure and you really didn't have anyone else to work for at the tail end of the game so everything felt the same. You did have the ULPC missions too but that was it.

User Info: CaIiber345

3 years ago#26
jreed1337 posted...
i know, it's really frustrating that they force you to use the skip function instead of beating the missions legitimately.

And they...

IiXxCodMw3xXiI posted...
...almost forces to buy players the cash cards...

I'd like to play DayZ on consoles.
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User Info: DeAdMaNRoLliN

3 years ago#27
I never ended up buying the DLCs for GTA IV, so I think now's a great time to do so. What do you guys think?
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User Info: jreed1337

3 years ago#28
DeAdMaNRoLliN posted...
I never ended up buying the DLCs for GTA IV, so I think now's a great time to do so. What do you guys think?

tbogt is totally worth it. it was a lot of fun and added some good things to the game. you can pick it up dirt cheap now, so why not!

User Info: TRC187

3 years ago#29
schmittycent2 posted...
That may be the case but I have stated my idea about a lobby to just mess around in with weapon pickups and all planes and helicopters accessible and I got attacked. I understand some players enjoy the "reward" in leveling up but many people like myself don't have the time to do so.

I don't get it. That's the sole reason I enjoyed GTA IV's multiplayer so much. I don't play online in V for that very reason. I already beat the game! Now I wanna have carefree, unlimited fun! But nope. I have to start with nothing (in multiplayer) and work my way up, which in online mode takes 20-30 to 100 times longer due to their ridiculous pricing / payout scheme.

I'm probably the most disappointed with the multiplayer, I was really looking forward to it, and it completely bummed me out.
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