This game has major bugs. Who the **** de-bugged this game?

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  3. This game has major bugs. Who the **** de-bugged this game?

User Info: Lusitanicus

3 years ago#21
Of course all the GTAs have had major bugs, but at least there were ways to avoid them. In Vice City, you couldn't save at the Ice Cream Factory or use remote grenades if you wanted to keep playing, and Cuban missions had to wait until the end if you wanted to be able to wear the outfit.

In San Andreas, you had to avoid saving at Madd Dogg's Crib or flying off the map. IV wasn't so bad, but dating dead girlfriends was a little odd.

GTA V is simultaneously the most fun and the most frustrating game ever - the Monkey Business mission has a habit of just stopping halfway through. The quick save feature if fantastic most of the time, if you are careful not to rely on it keeping your vehicle when you reload - this means very long countryside walks where no vehicles spawn at all, having to search for fast motorbikes all over again when doing stunt jumps, or, in my worst case, an hour-long swim dodging sharks (unsuccessfully the first dozen times) after I stole a military jet and attempted a difficult knife flight that went wrong - reloaded into an amazing freefall way out to sea, screaming where's my jet?

But for a game that relies so heavily on the stock market and internet use, the cell phone glitch is horrific, especially as it seems to travel across save files and even gamer profiles. After 6 months, to have no solid answers as to ways to avoid it is seriously poor customer care. Facing the option of deleting all save files, starting from scratch, and then not knowing if you've dodged it until the end of the game, takes a large chunk out of the pleasure. If Rockstar hadn't been responsible for over half of the best games ever (in my personal opinion), including this one, I'd be crossing over from irritated to furious. If it takes a lot of trial and error to get my game back, so be it.

User Info: Mr_Popel

3 years ago#22
Well ... i have to agree with TC ... given the games glitches lock me out of 3 achievements worth a total of 140 gamerscore (and thus 100% completition).

... on top of that after all the months this game is out R* still hasn't focused a single brain cell on fixing all the issues and glitches that are still present in SINGLEPLAYER!

The game isn't bad imo ... but still for the above reason; *shows middle finger* R*!!!
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User Info: Ernst_Junger

3 years ago#23
Games this big always have bugs. GTA V freezes less than other big games. That said, it is annoying to have stranger missions disappear completely before you can finish them, or wrapping early because you accidentally drove by a location that automatically started a story mission.

I'm having fewer problems like running through the air, or falling forever, than in other GTAs.

User Info: HannibalLector

3 years ago#24
mines not buggy at all
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User Info: jakeDiLLa

3 years ago#25
just today I switched from Michael to Trevor, then left the strip club and start driving down the street

well a couple blocks away Michael was sitting at the intersection in his car where I left him, of course he says what up and we decide to go out for drinks. I get in his car with Trevor (which I souped up/customized)

after we leave the bar there's two of the car now so somehow it got cloned? I was like cool, now I get two one for me one for you
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  3. This game has major bugs. Who the **** de-bugged this game?

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