Still kind of a noob at this game, I have a bunch of questions. (single player)

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  3. Still kind of a noob at this game, I have a bunch of questions. (single player)

User Info: pro9b17

3 years ago#1
1. Where can I find the earth mover construction vehicle? I found one early in the game at a construction site, had loads of fun with it ramming cars, lowering the scooper thing in front, and flipping them over. The police ended up destroying it, does it respawn anywhere? Also, are there any other vehicles that are fun to go on destruction rampages with?

2. What is considered the best overall car in the game in terms of speed and handling? I found an Obey 9F and a Bravado Banshee, and I really like them. I also found a Vapid Bullet, which I see everywhere, but I don't really care for it as the handling seems terrible. I'm looking for a car to spend lots of money on to fix it up, but I don't know if I should upgrade the Banshee or 9F, or wait until I find something else. What would you suggest, and where can I find the car you recommend?

3. Aside from the stock market, is there any other form of gambling? I played golf and did pretty well on it, played a few times, and eventually faced two opponents. I didn't win any money after beating them. Is golf just for fun or can you bet on games with NPC's eventually? Tennis is kinda fun as well.

4. Are there any spots in the game that I can kill people indiscriminately without the police being able to find me? For example, I just got the sniper rifle, and found this little spot on top of the building at the golf course that is sort of an alcove, and I started sniping cars. At first the police couldn't find me, but as soon as I got 3 stars and the Helicopters came out, they spotted me easily. I did manage to kill the gunners from the helicopters, but eventually one lowered some SWAT team like forces onto the roof, and after a gun battle, they surrounded me and killed me.

5. Is there a tank that you can use to go on a rampage in story mode, or is it only online? I think I saw someone mention a tank in GTA Online, but I'm not sure if you can get one in the campaign. I remember in older GTA's there was a cheat code that would just make a tank appear for you. I haven't heard of any cheat codes for GTAV, so I am wondering if you can find one in story mode somewhere.

6. I heard that you can invest in properties eventually to make money, which are the most profitable ones to invest in? I heard that if you buy the scrapyard, every time you destroy a vehicle, it earns you money. I don't even have close to the amount of money to buy it yet, but that seems like unlimited money in a pretty short period of time, if I just go around chucking grenades at clusters of vehicles. Is it worth buying, and is there a downside to it, aside from getting wanted stars from the police?

LAST question- What is the most effective way to evade the police when you have 3+ stars? I can't seem to shake them when a helicopter is following me, and if I go underground and wait, the ground patrol cops always find me.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, having a blast so far! :)
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User Info: RedXIII400

3 years ago#2
1: Very top of the map, on the left side on the curve, there's a bulldozer there. Look around.

2: It's really up to you. People prefer certain cars over other cars. I'd go with a Cheetah. Been my favorite car since Vice City.

3:Stock Market's the only way to go. You can manipulate it though by, say, buying stocks for the Strip Club ,then spending a lot of money getting lap dances/making it rain, You can cause the stocks to increase in value. It works with other companies you can physically interact with.

4: Actually yes. The Altruist Cult area, if you know where it is. I don't know myself, because I've only been there once though.

5: Cheat codes via the Cheats tab, or by invading Zancudo.

6: Buy as many as you can. They all bring money in. Buy the scrap yard and go nucking futs in the city.

LAST answer: either by using the lower wanted level cheat or (usually) by turning left, left right (or right, right, left) in an area populated by buildings, etc.
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User Info: Part3

3 years ago#3
1. Sometimes spawns the quarry, East side of the map.

3. No.

4. No.

5. Get one from the military base. West side of the map.

6. Only the dock property makes decent money. North West of the map.

LAST question- train tunnels.

User Info: cifer520

3 years ago#4
You're going to discover the best place to evade cops during the first heist. I don't want to spoil anything but it'll be obvious. And you can find the Truffade Adder sometimes parked in one of those shopping centers with the Bob Mulet and Ponsonbys a couple streets south of Michael's house. The Adder is the fastest car in the game. Just remember before you upgrade anything that if your car goes missing you have to go to the impound lot to get it back, and if it gets blown up or the engine dies somehow, it's gone forever and you don't get your money for the mods back.

User Info: Navex

3 years ago#5
Besides the tunnels the trench is pretty good too and it's by the tunnel entrances. Cops will eventually come down there but for the most part they seem to not go near it unless you're just sitting still and they spawn. Even the helicopters seem to shy away from it unless one is right on your tail and you're too slow going down into it.
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  3. Still kind of a noob at this game, I have a bunch of questions. (single player)

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