How to have fun in this game?

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User Info: helmacc

3 years ago#1
Help me plz! I have beat this game long ago and I just can't seem to find anything worth doing in it. I'll put my issues in below:

1. After I beat RDR, I could still take bounties, night watch, play pocket, dice, hunt, plus the many challenges. Gtav unfortunately doesn't have all these nice activities. I don't really like tennis or yoga. I like to race but it seems like races don't repeat like they do in GTAIV. So I have no more races I can do.

I enjoyed the gang wars (lost n damned)and shoot outs (RDR) so I assumes after I beat gtav that Franklin would be able to engage his enemies consistently. But unfortunately that's not the case. So I asked everyone here, what is fun to do in this game other than random shoutout with the cops which are always short lived!

Before anyone mentions it, I'm aware gta online exist and I'm also aware it's not nearly as fun as RDR was. Plus, I have no patience to wait 5-10 mins to get into a game with ONE other player that only last 5 mins.

My final grip is how slow this game runs on my 360. I mean it's real slowwww when in high traffic areas. So when the heck will RockStar release this on the ps4 already. Yes I didn't include xbone cause the game will probably run just slightly faster than it does now since xbone is a media box first and game console second.

Thank you!

User Info: Achronos117

3 years ago#2
I like to pretend I'm a hit man from Sopranos or Boardwalk Empire from time to time. Get a nice outfit, not too loud, something that blends in, I'll roll around, looking for a nice sidewalk cafe with lots of witnesses, pick an important looking NPC, shoot him up and tear outta there as fast as possible.

On Franklin I'll do the same, but do all my hits from a motorcycle. Its tons of fun, with his slo-mo driving ability you can line up some nice shots. And its sooo fun weaving in and out of traffic dodging cops blazing down the Grand Coast Highway
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User Info: helmacc

3 years ago#3
Yep. All I can do is shoot random npcs and wait for the inevitable barrage of police gun report. It gets old after a while.

User Info: burdi1ar

3 years ago#4
I 100% agree with TC. RDR had a lot of random stuff popping up even after u beat the story. And the GTA expansions at least added gang wars and drug wars which were long shootouts with varied elements (sometimes you had to steal a drug boat, a drug car, sometimes just the car its self) but GTAV basically only added that stuff to GTA:online. And I agree about the online portion. I hate waiting forever for people to join and people playing their **** music through the mic. Now as far as stuff to do in gtav heres what I do...
1. Spent all my money for the characters so I have a reason for needing to earn cash again.
2. Franklins tow truck missions can be done for cash. Not always terribly interesting but its something.
3. Robbing stores. And I do mean all stores. Any store with a register can technically be robbed.
4. Trevors gun running business. They repeat eventually but at least theres some action.
5. Wait for ppl to leave an ATM and knock em out and take their cash. You wont get a ton but its kinda fun.
5. Make cash driving taxi's
6. I used to enjoy doing property missions and blowing up security trucks but for whatever reason they dont spawn for me (and I've been playing for several weeks, in game time). But you could do those as well if they work for ya.
Thats about it for me. Races are to easy in this one so I dont really bother with em. I really hope these assassination missions their adding to sp are unlimited kinda like gang/drug wars.
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User Info: CaIiber345

3 years ago#5
Go play a different game.
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User Info: FollowingRules

3 years ago#6
Read a book.

Learn how to play an instrument.

Build a birdhouse.

User Info: DeAdMaNRoLliN

3 years ago#7
Well, I've started a new game, and this time, I am paying more attention to details. Instead of rushing the heists and missions, I am doing a lot more free driving and choosing the alternative ways of doing the heists (which I didn't pick during my first playthrough).

Basically, I am doing things that I rushed or completely ignored in the first gameplay. Also, now that I know what's coming (in the missions), I am also approaching them with different strategy. E.g. in the mission where I was asked to use a flashlight attachment for the shotgun (Franklin), I used a different weapon throughout.

I also intend to buy more properties this time around.
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User Info: Achronos117

3 years ago#8
You should probably just play a different game. If you gotta ask how to have fun in a GTA game then idk what else to tell you
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User Info: gameize_10

3 years ago#9

Why don't you complete the game 100%?
That's what i am doing at the moment, just collected all the space ship parts now i am collecting the scrap letters. there is loads to do:

There is parachuting, deer hunting, getting all the golds at the gun range, collect all the cars and get all the golds in the missions.

But not enough as in GTA 4 and RDR. i think they put too much work into the online mode..

User Info: helmacc

3 years ago#10
Maybe I should play a different game indeed as some of you so kindly suggested. However, I enjoyed gta4 n RDR for many months after I finished the story that I expected similar from gta5. I don't know when RockStar will realize they are not good at multiplayer games. They put all the good activities n missions in gtaO on purpose in order to milk the game like a free to play mobile. Unfortunate, they did it in a garbage way where NO BODY want to play missions.

I thinks it's spells failure when I can get into an online match in RDR 10 times faster with four times more players than I can in gtaO.
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