LOVE this game! What is your opinion about it?

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  3. LOVE this game! What is your opinion about it?

User Info: AVideoGameLover

3 years ago#1
In my opinion, I love it, but GTA Online is a bit stupid because it is like one giant deathmatch, people just run around killing each other for fun. I DO NOT like getting involved, so I'd rather play Story Mode. By the way, the name "Story Mode" sounds childish, why couldn't they go for "Mission Mode" or something? That's the only thing that really bothers me. So please, tell me your opinion for this game. Thanks! Oh, and Online is still fun and it is amusing and satisfying to kill others. :)


3 years ago#2
its ok

User Info: schmittycent2

3 years ago#3
I'm on bored with you tc, game is good but mp is pretty lame. I would like it more if they had lobbies for people that didn't want to spend the time leveling up and just want to play.
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User Info: DonVito1990

3 years ago#4
If single player had 10 car garages with a mechanic it would have been amazing.

But yeah, It's a been a while since I played the multiplayer and now its gotten to the point that I'll only play it if my friends want to free roam. Been having much more fun playing single player.

Things SP has that MP does not:

Unrestricted speed of all vehicles (In MP everything tops out at 150MPH unless going down hill)
Better graphics.
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  3. LOVE this game! What is your opinion about it?

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