Radio Mirror Park is the best music station in the game

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  3. Radio Mirror Park is the best music station in the game

User Info: SiLVeR_420

3 years ago#11
I just wish it had a classical music station.
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User Info: MrSnoman291

3 years ago#12
The classic rock station all the way.
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User Info: JTekashiro

3 years ago#13
I am all about the Lowdown. Ashley's Roachclip is my jam! Cisco kid also gets cranked everytime.

User Info: DrunkenPeasant

3 years ago#14
Personally I'm more partial to the lowdown and Los Santos Rock Radio.
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User Info: Ghostfeet

3 years ago#15
I love the reggae that rolls out from Blue Ark, though sometimes I clip over to West Coast Classics or Channel X. I'd say those are my top three, though I do change it up pretty frequently and try to listen to the chatter on each station.
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User Info: plessykiller201

3 years ago#16
I barely ever even realize whats on the radio and never change it unless its on the spanish station only cuz I cant understand wth their saying/singing
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User Info: Paper_Mario_4

3 years ago#17
Sometimes is the game's theme song IMO. Perfect for the feel of the game very free and on your own vibe that could be fun sort of vibe. As probably the biggest hip hop fan on this board, I have to say DJ Pooh put some lame tracks on his mix. WCC was 6/10 at best. Big Boi from Power 106 had him beat with his station.
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User Info: poppa_back

3 years ago#18
MrSnoman291 posted...
The classic rock station all the way.

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User Info: wesjones87

3 years ago#19
Blue Ark. Reggae is where it's at.
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  3. Radio Mirror Park is the best music station in the game

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