So what's the difference between this and the pc version?

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User Info: deadbk

5 years ago#1
I never played Minecraft, but since the Droid Marketplace had the Pocket Edition for 10¢ the other day, I figured I'd download it and check it out.
Is the mobile version just a level designer? Whatelse do you do in Minecraft that you can't do in the mobile version and are there any plans to add those features to the mobile version?
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User Info: EvilAbdy

5 years ago#2
I bought it for the same reason you did. It was only 10c! Figured if it stunk then I'd be ok with losing 10c.

But now I'm hooked. Right now it looks like it's only building things and exploring, but there is talk of updates for survival mode etc coming.
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User Info: ReDDevil2112

5 years ago#3
^He's asking what that is.

What the PC version is known for is the survival mode, which is resourced based, unlike the current Pocket Edition. While there is a Creative mode with unlimited tools and the ability to fly, that too is more full featured than the mobile version, with more map variety (different structures such as NPC villages, crevices, oceans, and massive cave systems with underground lava falls, rivers, dungeons, abandoned mine shafts, etc), more tools (minecarts, rails, lava, water, much more), and a bigger map (it's unlimited; the game generates new land as you venture out from the starting area. I believe the theoretical limit is a surface area 8 times that of the planet Earth).

But back to survival mode, you start with nothing and basically do whatever you please, but you have to manage resources now. First you need to bash a tree to get wood, use the wood to build a crafting table, use the crafting table to make a pickaxe, then use the pickaxe to mine stone to start building your fortress, either by burrowing into a mountain/underground or by using the stone to create an above-ground structure. You need to do this quickly because at night, monsters come out. Zombies, Endermen who teleport to you if you look at them, and most infamously, Creepers that blow up if you get near them. They can even blow up your structures. You'll also want to mine coal to craft with sticks (crafted from planks crafted from wood) to make Torches, the very same torches in the mobile version. Otherwise, you cant see anything in caves, and monsters dont spawn in the light.

Because nothing is given to you, the game is addicting because its very rewarding. You always want to dig deeper underground so you can finally find your first vein of Diamond and make a Diamond Sword (which does more damage) or Diamond Pickaxe (which mines faster and is more durable). When you go out exploring and reach a new far land, you feel great because you bested the odds. When you craft a boat and sail across the ocean, mapping out the world as you go (you can craft maps), and find a village on the other end, there's a fantastic sense of discovery. When you make a bold large new structure, you feel pride.

There's so much you can do. You can spend time mining underground for the entire game. Become a brave soldier and fight monsters at night. Live a nomadic life and explore, never settling in one spot. You can farm, build a town, make pixel art, breed animals, and go into the depths of hell itself with the right tools.

So's safe to say the mobile version is missing a LOT. But its a great start, wonderful that they got this far at all, and they're promising more updates. I wouldnt ever expect it to match the PC version, but hopefully it will become a close approximation.
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  3. So what's the difference between this and the pc version?

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