Can I play this game with a PS3 or XBOX controller.

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User Info: jbrenston

4 years ago#1
I'm primary a console gamer, so i'm not very good at using the keyboard and mouse to move around. I wanted to know could I plug in one of my counsel controllers and play the game?

Thanks in advance.

User Info: Cirrus101

4 years ago#2
even if the option was there, it just wouldn't work. Its flat out disturbing just how many buttons actually get used by this game. Like a flight/space sim.... only its an fps.
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User Info: pliskin33

4 years ago#3
Technically you could with a wired 360 controller. The problem will be mapping all the necessary buttons and the fact that your reactions aren't going to be as quick as someone who has a mouse and can just lay their crosshairs over you while you need to steer it there.
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User Info: jbrenston

4 years ago#4
Dang....thanks for the info

User Info: Punk_Rooster

4 years ago#5
I have a wired XBox360 controller that I've tried with this game. Aside from sensitivity issues, the 2 biggest problems are you can't get weapon switching to work right and if you try to aim down your sights with one button, the second you try to fire it cancels out and won't let you do both.

User Info: DeIuxe

4 years ago#6
Vanu guns are so easy to use you could probably use a racing wheel.

User Info: NightFalcon

4 years ago#7
Technically, yes.

Realistically, no. There's a 2 millisecond lag for the 360 controller. The buttons works fine, but it seems like the game was designed for Keyboard and mouse.

This was for flying, so imagine how it will be for actual shooting. The delayed reaction pretty much means you're dead the moment you go one on one.
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User Info: jbrenston

4 years ago#8
thanks for the responses everyone!
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