need tips/help using plasma railgun

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User Info: Hagan

3 years ago#1
I suck with this thing, and I'm trying to complete the Gen 3 challenges using it. I'm level 25 and I don't have a single titan kill using it.

Any tips would be appreciated.
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User Info: rowewheeles

3 years ago#2
Hagan posted...
I suck with this thing, and I'm trying to complete the Gen 3 challenges using it. I'm level 25 and I don't have a single titan kill using it.

Any tips would be appreciated.

Play last titan standing maybe? I've heard this gun is completely awful and am dreading this challenge myself. Are you making sure that you zoom in to charge the weapon? You may be able to gank a kill here or there if you see a titan low on health already.
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User Info: Hagan

3 years ago#3
I was hoping i wouldnt have to use LTS, but i might need to. As far as I can tell its a severely gimped version of the 40mm.
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User Info: Special-Edd

3 years ago#4
Use the stryder chassis with it and use cover a lot between charging your shots. The shield wall is probably the most useful tactical ability with the railgun. The railgun does massive damage to critical spots on a titan when it is fully charged so try to make each shot count and allow it to get the full charge if it is possible. Try to avoid a close range confrontation as much as possible, use your dash core to put distance between you and the enemy Titans.

I'm also working on the gen 3 challenges myself and I'm slowly starting to learn how to use the weapon.
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User Info: Rapaleeman

3 years ago#5
I started using it when I first unlocked it and while it isn't as versatile as say the chaingun I actually really like it.

A couple of quick tips I guess since I have both attachments unlocked and have completed most of the challenges. I don't play LTS either if that makes a difference. Not a fan of the way people play that mode but that is just me.

First off in a head on gunfight with the Railgun you will lose which is where I think people mess up. I typically run the Stryder and dance around anyway so I guess when I picked up the Railgun it was natural for me to stick and move and to be honest that is the way to play this weapon.

Accuracy is also key when going for the full charge shots. If you are going to take the time to charge the thing up make sure you hit the enemy in either the red weak spot or center mass. Headshots don't seem to do anything. Basically charge up out of sight then dash in, pop an accurate shot, then dash out and either reload or start charging another.

You don't need to fully charge it up to inflict decent damage. A half charged guaranteed hit is better than a full charged miss. Pop shots (uncharged shots) also do ok damage on unshielded titans but nothing on shielded titans so a couple of pop shots on a titan who has their shields down is a good thing.

I use the smoke for when enemies get close or I need to retreat. It drops enemy shields very quickly. The wall doesn't seem to do it for me as I never stop moving and the vortex shield again, requires me to stop to use. The lock-on multi target missles also seem to be the most effective to drop shields the fastest so I use those. Plus they are easy to use while on the move.

Finally attachments. The extended mag only adds 1 extra shot I believe but it does help and is simple to unlock. The insta-shot is pretty terrible but not worthless. It is a guaranteed half charged hit all the time. Terrible for Ogres but allows for hip fire/unaimed shots to actually do decent damage. Perfect for Stryders attacking you or multiple targets. For those that aren't good at timing the charges the insta-shot is probably what you want. Just be warned it will take at least 4 direct to drop the shields since you can't charge it up. You will need to reload to kill a titan one on one.

That's it. Basically keep your distance and play methodically. I actually really like the Railgun as it is essentially a sniper rifle and in the Stryder and how I play, I like to be as far away from the enemy as possible.
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User Info: DeadlyKrueger

3 years ago#6
I did it with LTS and just stole my team mates kills. Just sit back and when you get instant shot use it! <---- go subscribe and show your awesomeness!

User Info: ManInBlack_77

3 years ago#7
The railgun is basically the titan sniper rifle. It does MASSIVE damage buy its a bit tricky. You really need to charge it to do really good damage so your best bet is to find some other Titans battling it out and act as support. Stay back a bit, charge up and hit them from distance. Also, be aware that the shot does NOT hit instantly. Like with the Krager rifle there is just a bit of travel time so you have to lead moving targets just a bit.

LTS would probably be the easiest place to get kills since there's already a bunch of titans and acting as a support sniper is easier but its certainly dooable in other modes.
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User Info: chaotix42

3 years ago#8
Rapaleeman has some great tips. I too finished these challenges with a Stryder. Since I was constantly on the move, looking for good safe angles to shoot from, I used Vortex. I'd land a hit or two while I was unnoticed, and then when my target turned to fight back I'd throw up the Vortex, get into cover, and dash away to a new spot. Particle Wall was useless since I was never staying in one spot for very long.

I used Multi-Target as my ordinance. Instead of holding the bumper to fire large volleys you can rapidly tap the button to send a stream of homing missiles at your target. It was good for stripping shields quickly & reliably from long range. Slaved Warheads might be even better for 1 on 1 battles, I'm not sure.

Finally, be sure to lead your target! Very important for getting consistent kills.
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User Info: Hagan

3 years ago#9
Cool, thanks for the help guys.

Does anyone know if you put your titan in guard/follow mode with the guardian chip and get credit for the challenges?
XBL GT= illidan z PSN = HaganJR
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User Info: Chariot_of_God

3 years ago#10
Love this weapon, as long as I have other titans to "block" for me.
Use it like a titan sniper.

Focus your shots on either titans that are already at half health and have no shields; or at titans with shields (to drop their shields).

I will admit, I get more assists then kills with the weapon, but it is a tide turner in a multi titan battles.

Biggest problem I've noticed is sometimes too many people on my team are using then we get smoked by anything that can get in our face.

My Build:
Plasma Railgun (extended mags)
Rocket Salvo
Particle Wall
Shield Regen mod
Core Extender

The rocket salvo is used when someone gets in my face while I retreat to a distance. Particle Wall is used if I am going up against 40mm or another plasma railgun.

Most fighting, I get by cover, charge behind cover, step out, fire then dash back behind cover.

You can kite other titans (non stryders) with this build...use your speed to get by cover, charge and fire when they approach, then retreat to next cover some distance away, repeat. Great for closing out a 1 v 1 scenario in LTS.
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