The Bachelor & Bachelorettes

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User Info: Wolfspider86

6 years ago#1
If you see any new updates about them please post them here to let everybody know and if you have any comments,questions,opinions, and facts feel free to post them as well.
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User Info: Unicorn_Fire

6 years ago#2
Okay, we have some info on two of them now.

The girl, Margaret, is a serious, but caring, elf. She plays music at a restaurant every night. "You! Throw garbage in the garbage bin!" is apparently her catchphrase.

The boy is Bishnal, a butler in training. He's naive, and takes things literally, so he's easy to fool. He didn't get along with his parents, so he left home.
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User Info: Pipluppals

6 years ago#3
The butler guy sounds like Barrett from RF2.... Or is it Jake?
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