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User Info: Stormfeather

3 years ago#1
So after reading about the party-and-sleep trick, I've been trying that to get Dylas' pre-marriage event to trigger. I'm not having any luck at all though... I might be just having bad luck, but I want to check a few things to see if I'm beating my head against the wall at the moment for no reason.

-I've read that Dylas (like others) can't be married until after you complete the second arc, which I've done. Is anyone SURE though that it's just "finish the second arc," or do you actively have to start the third arc? (If that's the case, it's been... probably just over a week since then, so I might have to wait a bit longer to trigger the third arc?)

-Are there any other hidden requirements I might be missing? I've got the double bed, got an engagement ring in my inventory (although from the sound of it, I may not even need one)... I've dated him at least three times (actually we've gone to each "date spot" at least once...) His LP are at 13 and close to 14... Anything else I might need?

-Anything else sub-event related that I might be missing? Like, can you trigger a sub-event on a day where something else happens, like someone's birthday?

If anyone has any answers to some of these questions I'd totally appreciate it. Also if anyone can confirm that the party-up-and-sleep trick works with that particular sub event.
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User Info: SilentSavior251

3 years ago#2
I'm pretty sure you don't need to finish the second arc, just starting it will be fine. To get someone's sub event, try doing the whole waiting thing where you get Dhlas to join your party and then sleep for a week. If he leaves then a sub event including him has occured, it could be a town event or a marriage sub event. Also try cancelling festivals during those days as festivals tend to cancel those subevents.

Dylas subevent actually includes him proposing so you wont need the engagement ring. But if you want to do the proposing yourself, you can reject him and then do it. However, accepting his proposal would lead to more on his back story, so you may want to see that.
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