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User Info: Justice98405

3 years ago#1
I'm level 73 I think it is, and I'm heading into the level 65 or so recommended dungeon, it's the snow/ice one. Sorry, I just turned the game off and can't remember it's name.

So I go in there with my most powerful weapon, and I'm doing 10-14 damage!

That's not going to do it. So I looked for the most powerful weapon I could make, it's the one I already have, and there's nothing more powerful I can buy in the shop, I already looked. I tried to upgrade it over and over, using materials, but it seems you can only upgrade a weapon with ONE item once to get any true effect.

Am I getting that right? And either way, any advice for getting a better weapon for where I'm at? I guess I can just keep buying weapon breads over and over until I hopefully get something I can make that's more powerful.

Also, side note, I took a request box job where I need to make/harvest Weapon Bread, but none of the shops carry it, and I wasn't given anything at the start of the quest, I even talked to the giver, and they didn't say/give me anything. Am I just gonna need to cancel this one to do later?
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User Info: Ravaryn

3 years ago#2
To make the best weapon possible:

While in the process of making a weapon, you almost always have a few leftover spaces out of the 6 material slots for the recipie. You can use up to 3 empty spots to add additional materials and give their effects to the resulting weapon.

i.e. Leather Gloves take 1 cloth or carapace, then you add 3 iron to the recipie and it comes with the 3 Defense from those irons built in. Or in the case of endgame, adding 3 Tablets of Truth to add 315 Def and 30% Crit. This essentially lets you get 3 extra upgrades into a weapon or armor and is not subject to the diminishing returns that repeat materials normally have.

Secondly, add a variety of materials when upgrading the item from LV1 to 10. As mentioned, repeatedly using the same material results in each repeat having half the effect of the previous one. Boss drop materials are among the best for this, but some others are good as well. Go refight bosses for some good stuff.

If your crafting/forging level is too low, go level it up. You can effectively level it with just iron and scrap metal by making broadswords and making them LV10 with iron/scrap. Gives decent exp even up through 99 crafting/forging.

User Info: Someguywhotypes

3 years ago#3
Not to sound rude but...
You wouldn't happen to be using a weapon that does ice or water damage right?
If so that's probably why you can't hurt anything, that or you need to learn some more recipes before you can make a better weapon.

User Info: jlenh

3 years ago#4
Maybe you should list your gears / forging skill level so we know what you're using and potential upgrades.

I also posted a thread for mid level weapons. It might be hard to make if you don't have level 10 items. But if you've tamed a bunch of chickens/cows/woolies and raising their heart to 10 then this should help.

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