Every requirement for the marriage sub-event?

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User Info: pikangie

4 years ago#1
Can someone clarify EVERY requirement in order to get the marriage sub-event or reverse proposal(Frey) for bachelors?

Here's what I have so far:

- I gifted them everyday something they "like".
- I've gone through 4 whole years doing the "recruit your lover and go to bed until they leave", and nothing happens.
- Rarely they'll leave, but nothing happens when I follow them home.
- I've been on every date, unless you have to have chosen every single option for every date spot?
- I've tried giving them an engagement ring several times, but they won't accept it.
- i have a double bed.
- I am only going out with one person.
- There's no events listed on my diary.
- They're at 16 FP!! What gives?

Could it have to do with having activated the 3rd arc (Where every guardian is gathered around Venti's room and I must tell Dylas when I am ready), but not actually starting it yet? I haven't gone to it yet, but was told that marriage is possible before the 3rd arc... >_<
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