Easy way to prince/princess points?

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User Info: Stardragon4

4 years ago#1
So I can get the double bed
searching for that elusive yellow green denpa

User Info: pikangie

4 years ago#2
Don't enter the opposite gender bath.
Kill bosses.
Do requests.

Those are the best ways that I can think of.
You get a tiny amount for talking to people and killing regular monsters.
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User Info: sirfoo

4 years ago#3
Ship at least 1 item everyday, it gives at least 50 points (up to 125 but you need to ship lots of items to get it that high.)

User Info: Dork_Vader

4 years ago#4
The random delivery requests actually give quite a few if you don't have any of the easier ones left, I think I'm stuck at like, harvest 50 apples, grow a blue crystal, and whatnot so while I work on those I can still do the deliver a medicinal herb to arthur or kill 4 green dragons ones for regular PP.
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