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User Info: JelmeKahn

3 years ago#1
died for the first time here even with a ruby ring.

Just curious what kinda levels and equips you guys had at this point. I cant seem to craft anything much better than what i had at the end of arc 1 (well a little better but not much lol)
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User Info: irrimn

3 years ago#2
The first 1/2 of the game was so ridiculously easy for me because I had tamed a Mamadoodle near the beginning of the game. She was like 70 levels above me and was able to solo most of the content... hell, I don't even remember what I had at that point. Everything was so easy that I made it through Sechs Territory in Act 1 and was ablue to upgrade my weapons and armor LONG before the game thought I should. At that point, I was always levels and gear ahead of everything else.

Currently stuck before Act 3, waiting for it to start, while 3/5ths of the way through Sharance, in nearly-uber end-game gear.

User Info: McMarbles

3 years ago#3
Right now I'm packing a Gorgeous Sword, Round Shield, Chain Mail, Silver Boots, that Jack O'Lantern hat (I won it in the cooking contest early on and it's been miles better than any other headwear I've encountered) and Venti's Charm. I seem to be holding my own there at Level 80.
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