Question about upgrading weapons

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User Info: Skritnic

3 years ago#1
I have a question about upgrading weapons. I have a heart fire and I want to upgrade with a fire dragon ash but I can't because it takes a lot of rp. My forge level is just 50 and I don't know how to increase besides making weapons. Can anybody help me

User Info: DarkWind313

3 years ago#2
The best way to increase forging and crafting skill is by upgrading weapons / armor.
Just making a basic broadsword and upgrading it with 9 pieces of iron gets you a large amount of experience (that's the simplest/cheapest way, since you tend to acquire a massive amount of iron from mining.

Make sure to equip a Heart Pendant as well (if you have one), since it increases the amount of skill points you recieve.
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User Info: Skritnic

3 years ago#3
Thanks for the tip man, didn't know it was that useful

User Info: Anketam

3 years ago#4
And if you have lots of rp restoring items but not a lot of cash you can always opt for upgrading using turnip seeds.

Also be warned you will see diminishing returns with enhancing if you do a lot of it in one go. I have noticed that if I make some difficult weapons/armor to skill raise on that it helps dethrottle this and reduces the amount of enhancements I need to skill gain. Not sure if just waiting a few days also helps, I was already a pretty high on my crafting skills once I noticed.
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User Info: Dork_Vader

3 years ago#5
The only slowdown I've seen is from the higher levels taking more to level up.

Just spam iron onto anything you've made and you'll hit the 80's pretty quickly, then the last 19 levels are a bit more grindy.
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