Crafting the most resistant armor-set combination

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User Info: ANelson

3 years ago#1
Hey guys =) Was bored at work and was thinking about making nigh-invulnerable armor after reading Anketam’s run-down in another post. So I did some brainstorming, and after a bit of tweaking, I think I’ve come up with the absolute most resistant armor set possible, which reaches 100%+ resistance for all elements and all status effects with the exception of Love Resistance, using the highest defense armors in the game, while still allowing you to craft a speed boost into your shoes and two bonus effects into your accessory.

The set is (unsurprisingly):

Head: Crown (Sleep Res 30%, Faint Res 100%) – assumes one free slot when crafting

Shoes: Fairy Boots (Poison/Seal/Sleep/Paralysis/Fatigue/Sick Res 15%) – assumes zero free slots when crafting (most people will want a Rocket Wing's speed boost here)

Four Dragons’ Vest: (Fire/Wind/Water/Earth Res 5%) – assumes one free slot when crafting

Rune Shield: (Light/Dark Res 50%) – assumes one free slot when crafting

Courage Badge: (Dizzy Res 20%, Fatigue/Sick/Faint/Drain Res 30%, Critical/Poison/Paralysis/Sleep/Seal Res 50%) – assumes zero free slots when crafting (one will be used for Art of Magic, other two are to add accessory effects at your discretion)

For the three items added during the crafting phase, one will be Holy Spore (Drain Res 50%), one will be Ancient Orc Cloth (Dizzy/Critical Res 15%, Seal Res 30%), and the final will Chest Hair (Dizzy Res 25%) though most high level furs will work in this slot. The accessory will be crafted with Art of Magic, and two other items of your choice. The Fairy Boots are also your choice.

All four will begin their first four upgrades with Blue, Yellow, Red, and Green cores to get the elusive 10% No Res, which for the uninitiated, is your resistance against non-elemental attacks.

The upgrade order thus becomes:

Item 1: Blue Core, Yellow Core, Red Core, Green Core (No Res 10%), Big Green Crystal, Double Steel (Wind Res 60%), Object X, Mealy Apple, Mealy Apple (Wind/Water/Fire/Earth/Dark/Light Res 16%)

Item 2: Blue Core, Yellow Core, Red Core, Green Core (No Res 10%), Big Blue Crystal, Double Steel (Water Res 60%), Object X, Mealy Apple, Mealy Apple (Wind/Water/Fire/Earth/Dark/Light Res 16%)

Item 3: Blue Core, Yellow Core, Red Core, Green Core (No Res 10%), Big Red Crystal, Double Steel (Fire Res 60%), Cursed Doll (Seal/Paralysis Res 15%, Drain Res 20%), Object X, Mealy Apple, (Wind/Water/Fire/Earth/Dark/Light Res 11%)

Item 4: Blue Core, Yellow Core, Red Core, Green Core (No Res 10%), Big White Crystal, Double Steel (Earth Res 60%), Left Rock Shard, 10-Fold Steel, (Poison/Seal/Paralysis/Sleep/Fatigue/Sick Res 54%, Faint/Drain Res 9%), Quality Worn Cloth (Dizzy/Critical Res 10%, Seal Res 30%)

Item 5: Blue Core, Yellow Core, Red Core, Green Core (No Res 10%), Right Rock Shard, 10-Fold Steel (Dizzy Res 45%, Critical Res 27%, Knock Res 135%), Left Rock Shard (Poison/Seal/Paralysis/Sleep/Fatigue/Sick Res 6%, Faint/Drain Res 1%), Object X, Mealy Apple (Wind/Water/Fire/Earth/Dark/Light Res 11%)

The Quality Worn Cloth in its use becomes interchangeable with an Ancient Orc Cloth. Also there may be a point or two difference on the elemental resistances depending on whether or not you use the Mealy Apple on the Rune Shield or Four Dragons’ Vest.


User Info: ANelson

3 years ago#2
Anyway, I believe the grand total with this is:

Dizzy Res: 115% (20% equipment, 25% added materials, 15% + 10% + 45% upgrades)
Critical Res: 102% (50% equip, 15% added, 10% + 27% upgrades)
Poison Res: 125% (50% + 15% equip, 54% + 6% upgrades)
Seal Res: 200% (50% + 15% equip, 30% added, 15% + 54% + 30% + 6% upgrades)
Paralysis Res: 140% (50% + 15% equip, 15% + 54% + 6% upgrades)
Sleep Res: 155% (30% + 50% + 15% equip, 54% + 6% upgrades)
Fatigue Res: 105% (30% + 15% equip, 54% + 6% upgrades)
Sick Res: 105% (30% + 15% equip, 54% + 6% upgrades)
Faint Res: 140% (100% + 30% equip, 9% + 1% upgrades)
Drain Res: 110% (30% equip, 50% added, 20% + 9% + 1% upgrades)
Knock Res: 135% (135% upgrades)
Wind/Water/Fire/Earth Res: 119% (5% Equip, 60% + 16% +16% + 11% + 11% upgrades)
Light/Dark Res: 104% (50% Equip, 16% + 16% + 11% + 11% upgrades)
No(n-Elemental) Res: 75% (10% + 10% + 10% + 10% + 10% upgrades, 25% Art of Magic added)

Though obviously one can be flexible by taking out less important resistances etc., the easiest suggestion to tweak this is if you’re willing to bump Light/Dark down to 93%, Item 3 will have space for an Item and a 10-Fold Steel, most likely a Tablet of Truth if you desire Critical from your armor. Or, you can 10-fold a Tyrant Turnip here to reach ~135% Love Res… which honestly I’m not even sure what that affects. And of course, if you don’t care about Rocket Wing speed or additional accessories, you have can also free up those spots for added materials.

You can also very easily make a mage set and a melee set out of this by simply making courage badge follow item 3’s steps, adding different accessories into each, and swapping the object/meal for the 10-fold Tablet of Truth for your critical hits… Thus you can leave your weapon to have 10-folded Siren Bottle or Raccoon Leaf as needed.

Any thoughts/corrections are welcome!

User Info: HellKnightX

3 years ago#3
Nice. As someone who doesn't understand the complexities of the crafting system, I'm going to steal your idea and pretend I came up with it.
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User Info: Relle

3 years ago#4
Always wanted a quick and dirty list of what I needed for the most awesome armor.
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User Info: ANelson

3 years ago#5
Great! Thanks for the nice words =) Tons of credit needs to go to Anketam, the resident expert who gave me the basis to start on this. Naturally, this set is borderline overkill, but especially on Hard, it helps to have a blueprint on how to keep healthy.

User Info: spyke252

3 years ago#6
I feel the need to mention- 100% crit resist (and likely all other non-elemental resists) does not mean you won't get hit by crits. At least, I think. It *does* mean you won't be crit by anything without innate crit.

Again, IIRC.

Also, I feel like something earlier was floating around about how some resists stack rather than being added (specifically, no res). i.e. 50% from mealy's and 25% from art of magic only reduced 61.25%, not 75% (.5 + .25*.5). Again, IIRC.
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User Info: ANelson

3 years ago#7
Yeah, that sounds correct about crit resist. Just tried to hit up 100+ on everything minimum, and hopefully that combined with your skill resists will protect you from most things. Could always take something out for another Chest Hair if that became a concern.

Interesting about no res.. sounds perfectly plausible.. in which case, hey, not quite 75% no res, but pretty solid otherwise.

User Info: FairyGal13

3 years ago#8
Wow.. you sure did a lot of brainstorming! Great job! I can't wait to get Rune Prada open and get the goodies! So far I'm stuck hoarding stuff before the 3rd arc. I think I'll keep this! :D

User Info: ANelson

3 years ago#9
Thank you! It's worthy of note that you can make the armor and boots before the 3rd arc with Sharance Maze drops, though you'll likely need to get lucky or farm a looot to get the accessory breads for those two... you can definitely get lucky with chests and get the armor items in question, but they'll miss the crafting-item addition and probably be upgraded with Milk, Chocolate and other super-useful things instead X)

Unfortunately the other three (art of magic included) need the Dragonic Stone. But as far as I can tell, there's nothing wrong with prepping two pieces in the meantime!

User Info: FFMaster1212

3 years ago#10
you do realize that if you reforge an item with any accessory or weapon IT DOES NOT COUNT FOR THE STATS (else wise I would have used one of my bazal Katar on the other) Art of magic is a craftable item thus falls in this. What does carry over is the WRITTEN EFFECT eg. upgrading anything with wet boots will give the slipping effect
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