Nightmare Mode!!!!!! Please help me... i'm desperate

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  3. Nightmare Mode!!!!!! Please help me... i'm desperate

User Info: Mozar11

5 years ago#1



so i just got all chaos weapons finally.


now the required nightmare weapons.Pleaseee help me pleaseee i tried using almost all full stat characters out there and i couldnt acquire one single nightmare weapon, this game is too hard i swear the moment i step foot on the battlefield i die directly. im really really really desperate and need someone to tell me how the hell can i get those weapons its impossible i almost lost my mind!! please be kind and give a helpless girl some support? please!! i dont know wat to do :'''(


if you have a way like using the right items and stuff like that please give me a hand and tell me howw!



and thank you for reading




User Info: kctman

5 years ago#2
The first thing you need is make sure the character you are using has title(s) that allow you to recover health (with speed-type weapon or Ex weapon). There are quite a few topics that discuss setups for playing on Nightmare difficulty (either getting weapons or titles). One of the easiest methods is using Flute + Fan + Double Element on Red Hare, but when you are fighting indoor (no riding horse) you will need different setups.

Here are a few topics:

Good luck.

User Info: Gigandas

5 years ago#3
It's almost vital you play with a character who's gotten the title that replenishes your health with every hit using a speed weapon. Without it, you'll likely be struggling very much.

It also helps to equip both weapons with Synergy (make sure both weapons have the same element so this has an effect) and Officer Assassin seals, as well as Attack Range Up, Combat Resistance, and Elemental Attack Up seals.

Personally, in addition to that, I like using characters with a ground 'and' aerial musou so that if you keep getting thrown into the air and just can't get back on the ground, you can mash circle in the air to clear out the enemies below you.

If you try everything and you still want extra help, you can always resort to teaming up with people online and try to get the nightmare weapons.

Edit: Something else you may want to consider is to try unlocking a speed weapon first, so that once you acquire your first Nightmare weapon, it'll be useful from then on in acquiring the other Nightmare weapons. Maybe even try to go for one with a lower difficulty rating, and one that doesn't require you to 'swiftly' take out officers so that you're not fighting against time as well.
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User Info: urtv

5 years ago#4
the title that restores health with speed weapon is only necessary in thelater stages.all the others you can easily use lu bu with his nightmare weapon and just plow through

or you can just max out guan yu then get his nightmare weapon with lu bu and you can easily plow through every stage
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User Info: PS2kid

5 years ago#5
1. Get the title that allow you to recover health using speed weapon (almost all characters have this title)
2. Equip chaos weapon of Halberd & Twin Swords.
3. Equip 2x Synergy, 2x Elemental Attack Up, 2x Combat Resistance, 2x Officer Assasin.
4. Equip Red Hare (because a lot of those nightmare weapons require you to do it 'swiftly')
5. Attack soldiers using Twin Swords. That way, when your health is low it's going to be replenished quickyly.
6. When facing enemy officers, quickly switch weapon (to activate Halberd's temporary power & speed up and to stun enemy temporary), then quickly rush enemy officers preferably with C3. Enemy officers will die in less than 5 seconds.

There's another strategy using horse & chaos weapon flute, but I never use that tactic so I can't give you clear guide about it.
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  3. Nightmare Mode!!!!!! Please help me... i'm desperate

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