Red Memory Module

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User Info: longnuts

8 years ago#1
It's been in my inventory for a while now. I don't remember where it goes. Anybody?

I know it increases a special stat or something, just don't know where to take it.

User Info: genestealer

8 years ago#2
Same place as all other memory modules - the Brotherhood of Steel bunker in San Fransisco.

User Info: Drupac2k8

8 years ago#3
Where at in the BoS compound? I haven't even checked the big turbine thing in the back room yet. Most of the time when i investigate those things nothing ever comes of it.

I guess I know where to stash my blue one now :P

User Info: tehChaosEffect

8 years ago#4
talk to the computer in that big turbine looking thing
I'm in CBA because I'm much better than you

User Info: longnuts

8 years ago#5
tyvm =)
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