Anyway to disable the time limit?

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User Info: Siveria

7 years ago#1
Is there any mod or such to disable the time limit?

User Info: red255

7 years ago#2
1.) you won't run into the timelimit
2.) you won't run CLOSE to the timelimit
3.) Yes, likely there is.
4.) I will ignore you if you insist that you need it.
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User Info: TwilightWolf000

7 years ago#3
Believe me, I know how you feel. I hate time limits as much as the next guy and asked the exact same question.

I agree with Red, you will never even come close to it. I tried. You just can't do it.
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User Info: SoIidLegacy

7 years ago#4
(= next guy, isn't bothered by time limits as long as they're at least as long as Fallout 2's)
Anyway, like I told Twilight: In order to actually reach that time limit, you need to put serious dedicated effort to it.

Yes, I actually spent a couple of days(!) on that, just to see that THE END screen for myself. The fastest way to reach that 13-year-limit is to travel back and forth on the world map over and over again for several hours real-time. That is more than enough time to do every quest in every town at least 10 times over in a row, even if you take your sweet time.
Eventually you'll get so bored that you'll start killing entire towns just for fun. Later on you'll wish you didn't, because now you don't have any townsfolk left to spend the rest of the time you still have to go with.

You might as well forget that there is a time limit. It will never be an obstruction and never has been for any Fallout 2 player in the past 12 years.
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User Info: SpaceAgeSamurai

7 years ago#5
Yeah, the Black Isle devs listened to their fans when they complained about the time limit in Fallout 1 (which was also never a problem for me, and I'm not usually too keen on time limits, myself), so they removed the time limit in Fallout 2 ... at least for all practical purposes. The time limit in Fallout 2 is more of a technicality, due to the devs having to work within the limitations of the computers of the day (16 megs of RAM, close to half of which was probably being used by Windows), than a design decision. With limited resources, you can't keep incrementing forever, so there has to be a limit of some kind, and they figured 13 years was more than enough (and they were right).

Frankly, I'm impressed that they understood their community well enough to realize that, as long as 13-year time limit is, there actually would be a few over-zealous fans who'd keep playing their characters, long after beating the game, far, far beyond the point where any sane person would've gotten bored and either started over with a new character or moved on to something else. They didn't simply let the game start doing strange things when it went beyond the farthest point where it was ever designed to go, shrug their shoulders, and say, "We didn't think anyone would actually stick with it for that long." No, they not only designed the game to end gracefully when it hit that limit, they even went as far as to include a special ending screen for that .01% of the players who'd actually stick with it long enough to get there. (It's nothing fancy, but it is something you can only see at the end of those 13 years.)
When all else fails, read the instructions.

User Info: AngusYoung93

7 years ago#6
Well I'm certainly not sitting around running around the wastes for 13 years.

What does this special end look like?
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User Info: CutterDeBlanc

7 years ago#7
From what I understand it's a picture of a mushroom cloud.
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User Info: SpaceAgeSamurai

7 years ago#8
I think it's just a desert scene with the words "The End" plastered across it. (Like I said, nothing fancy.)

Someone posted a picture of it once, but that's the only time I ever saw it, so I'm not exactly certain, myself.
When all else fails, read the instructions.

User Info: jack_the_tribal

7 years ago#9
I suppose it means I'm obsessed and deranged that I have seen "The End" screen more than once on more than one character. I am a bit of a packrat and cataloger though. I had 2 of every gun in the game stashed in the emptied out New Reno Chop shop along with a bunch of good armors and ammo. I had fun cleaning the streets of prostitutes and jetheads and searching for random gear and doing every quest I could.
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