Best Mods for Fallout 2?

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User Info: BlackIsleFan

6 years ago#1
I have played through Fallout 2 quite a few times using different character builds, different quest endings, etc. I have really enjoyed it thus far and now I wonder which mods would be most entertaining. If there are any mods you have tried or heard of that you think sound fun or interesting, please let me know. I have only played the original Fallout 2 so far (sans patches).
I have heard of Wasteland Merc and Killap's Restoration Project but I have not installed those and I wonder how they might improve the game.
Which mods were your favorites? I'm all ears.

User Info: joefitts63

6 years ago#2
Killap's Restoration Project is, IMO, the only mod worth playing.
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User Info: HaimerejLoh

6 years ago#3
You could try Mega Mod but i hear its quite Buggy...

Shattered Destiny is also a pretty great mod, but its a tad short though, (Second Part is being in the works)

Restoration Patch if you just want the basics and want the game to play a bit longer.

User Info: uberdweeb

6 years ago#4
Maybe Fallout online. I only tried it when it was in its beta stage in late 2009, but it looked very promising.
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