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User Info: revanyoda777

6 years ago#1
To you, what would make this game an instant purchase?

Having a jukebox or option to listen to complete FF soundtracks would do it for me.

And its the first FF game for 3DS so.... yeah.
Official Sazh of the FF XIII-2 boards.

User Info: ExdeathVoidLord

6 years ago#2
Playable Exdeath.
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User Info: ilikeikeilikeik

6 years ago#3
I don't have a 3DS and probably won't get one just for this.

User Info: FFVIIFangirl

6 years ago#4
Cloud is in it so it is already a day 1 buy for me.
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User Info: NegiBozu203

6 years ago#5
Rythm Game + Final Fantasy + Classic Final Fantasy characters and music =
Me buying day 1.
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User Info: casker_

6 years ago#6
Needs Tifa

User Info: BoostPower2004

6 years ago#7
^Couldn't have said it any better myself. :u

I've been waiting for some kind of music game to be announced for the 3DS(Figured the first thing would be yet another Guitar Hero sequel), so finding out about this was a pretty neat, albeit lolwut-y surprise.
I don't know

User Info: BoostPower2004

6 years ago#8
Whoops, the ^ was for NegiBozu's post. Damn my slow typing and lack of ability to edit my posts yet.
I don't know

User Info: Winter_Cherry

6 years ago#9
I'll probably get this on day one because I like the idea and I love FF music. :) Maybe I'll be able to get my BFF who doesn't play FF because it's too "tactical" for her to play and like this as well.
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User Info: kimyman2

6 years ago#10
Instant purchase?

If they scrapped this game completely and would turn it into a proper Final Fantasy VI remake, ffs.
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--Professor Layton

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