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User Info: HitakaPhoenix

5 years ago#411
The only exception that I know of is that songs from a certain game tend to give cards of that game's characters more often. So for example, FF5 songs will give Bartz and Faris cards more often than other songs.
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User Info: mikoto_sensei

5 years ago#412
When I was playing all 4 of the new DLC songs, I got card #80 almost EVERY single play.

User Info: joetheguy

5 years ago#413
Soooo, have they basically given up on giving out more passwords? Been over a month now and nothing. What are they waiting for? Let's go Square NA!
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User Info: Dr_Koopa76

5 years ago#414
I love how the game trolls me by giving me #20 cards over and over again instead of giving me one #19 card >:P
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User Info: mikoto_sensei

5 years ago#415
lol I was wondering the same thing. An I'm stuck needing one #33 card, I haven't gotten any in the last 40 hours of gameplay.

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