With all the evil DLC for this, should I buy it or not?

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  3. With all the evil DLC for this, should I buy it or not?

User Info: gunbladeuser

4 years ago#11
jeieem18 posted...
Dr_Koopa76 posted...
Each DLC song is $0.99

Buying all of it won't be the end of the world

It will still kill your budget... 53 DLC songs * 0.99 = $52.47

I can really relate to TC, I am really torn right now if I will get the DLC songs or not.

I am really in the middle of either:
buying the DLC song or just spending those 52.47 in buying other games.

There's tax as well depending on where you live. I had to pay .06 tax on every song making them 1.05 each.
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User Info: Wildfireskunk

4 years ago#12
It's a very very good value for money game without the DLC. You get a ton of songs and a boatload of replayability with the game as standard, so you don't even need it.

And I don't see the point in buying all of the DLC personally. You can look at it as costing upwards of $100 with it all, but I doubt most people will want it all. I've bought 16 DLC tracks and I'm only interested in maybe 3-4 more. £21 for the game + £14.40 for the makes my Theatrhythm experience only 40p more than most 3DS games, and I've sunk over 120 hours in so far.

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User Info: Rakansen

4 years ago#13
Try buying only the songs you want.

User Info: MidgardDragon99

4 years ago#14
charftino posted...
I'm an avid protester against DLC games.

- protester for DLC games + idiot

The game is brilliant as is, with more than enough content for anyone to play for over a hundred hours. The DLC only GIVES YOU MORE GREAT STUFF. Protesting the DLC in this is idiotic period.
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User Info: Lizengar

4 years ago#15
There are enough songs even without the DLC. Plus, if you wanna invest in the DLC, just buy the songs you like.
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User Info: ekesp93

4 years ago#16
DFMan456 posted...
No, don't buy it. Don't support games that gouge their customers with DLC that should have been included. It is the only way to get through to developers. Don't be one of those people who tell developers they are okay with being nickled and dimed. Those weak minded fools are helping to ruin the industry. Take a stand man. Fight the good fight.

Funny you say that. They said they wanted to add these songs to the cartridge, but they did not have enough space. So no. It couldn't be included.

User Info: Rakansen

4 years ago#17
There's more DLC to pay for in the iOS version, and you only start off with One-Winged Angel and Zanarkand.

User Info: Leanaunfurled

4 years ago#18
Seeing as how the songs wouldn't fit on the cartridge, each song is only .99, and you can just..you know, buy the songs you want, protesting this is kind of (really) stupid.

User Info: dakirbymaster

4 years ago#19
i love how folks are saying it's $100+ with DLC when the total price plus DLC is about $83. still a lot but it's not over a hundred XD
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User Info: Nogaham

4 years ago#20
It is still too much. Any sane and rational thinking person should be able to realize that. All of the DLC together is more than the game alone, go figure.

"You do not have to buy them all." is true but it doesn't change the fact that the DLC pricing is ridiculous.

The fanboys really need to wake up and accept the fact that they are being milked.

This is a funny little game but seriously, expecting people to either pay the same for this as for a proper FF title or even pay the ridiculous price for the whole DLC pack is nothing short of insane. It is saddening to see that people actually fall for that and still pay the money, though.

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  3. With all the evil DLC for this, should I buy it or not?

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