Theatrythm fanboys are a ******* joke!

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  3. Theatrythm fanboys are a ******* joke!

User Info: ptr362

4 years ago#11
Meh, I came across the iOS version just before I got myself a 3DS XL so to me it was a good demo before buying it on the 3DS.

User Info: QuantumWolf

4 years ago#12
drummer131 posted...

I imagine they knew the iOS version was coming a long time ago and wanted to save SOMETHING as incentive to buy the iOS version. Without those exclusive characters, I don't think anyone already with the 3DS version would buy the iOS version.

THAT I'm not sure of.

Just how many iOS owners even know of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy? Would they know too that the iOS stuff was exclusive? It's not as if iOS owners are squeeing in delight for being so entitled anyway.
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User Info: naterkix

4 years ago#13
It's not just this game that has a redingdangdonkulous amount of stupid in it's AppStore reviews. It's quite common to have people complain about things that can be solved by doing something as involved and demanding as actually reading an app's description. Then there's the "this game should be more like this other game", "make this game run on my 1st gen iPad" when it's just not possible and (my personal favorite) the "I HATE YOU SO MUCH HOW DARE YOU PUT YOUR APP ON SALE AFTER I BOUGHT IT! YOU WERE OBVIOUSLY WAITING FOR ME TO BUY IT TO PUT ON SALE! I DEMAND A REFUND AND I HATE THAT I SPENT A WHOLE DOLLAR ON A GAME THAT WAS FREE FOR AWHILE".

Seriously, if you ever have a bad day just look through reviews in the AppStore. You're sure to find something someone posted that so stupid it'll make you feel better just knowing you're not as brain dead as some people. If you're not into that you can usually look at the new apps and can usually find a hilariously badly translated app description. We're talking full blown Backstroke of the West-style mistranslations. Awesome.
A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals, and you know it.
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User Info: Firion231

4 years ago#14
@ title

Don't judge/discriminate. We're not all bad people! : P
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Multiplayer rankings show how much time someone has spent on the game, not how good they are.
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  3. Theatrythm fanboys are a ******* joke!

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