Rate that game's representation Day 9: Final Fantasy IX

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User Info: Dr_Koopa76

4 years ago#1
On a scale of 1-5, rate the songs used to represent FFIX - Results (15 votes)
0% (0 votes)
6.67% (1 votes)
40% (6 votes)
53.33% (8 votes)
0% (0 votes)
This poll is now closed.
FFI results: 3.16/5
FFII results: 3.33/5
FFIII results: 3.70/5
FFIV results: 4.23/5
FFV results: 4/5
FFVI results: 4.75/5
FFVII results: 4.55/5
FFVIII results: 3.86/5

Heh, it would seem that me bumping the topic for more votes resulted in FF8 to have an overall rating lower than 4. At least it did slightly better than FF3 >_> Let's just move on to the final game of the PS1 era

FF9 games used:
Over the Hill
Battle 1
Behind the Door (cut from iOS version)
Something to Protect
Dark City Treno
Battle 2
Darkness of Eternity (longer on iOS version)
The Final Battle (longer on iOS version)
You're Not Alone (iOS exclusive)
Melodies of Life ~ Final Fantasy (FMS on iOS version)

I started listening to the FF9 soundtrack way after spending so many hours playing Theatrhythm and to be completely honest, I think there really should have been more field music stages. I really didn't know the names of most of the songs, but some of them felt like they would have been perfect FMS's, but alas it wasn't meant to be.

Another song that was used as the ending theme in the 3DS version (Melodies of Life) is playable on the iOS version. Honestly, that seems like a waste. They should have just picked a different song that wasn't included in the 3DS version

Once again, final boss battle is longer in the iOS version. Follows the same structure as well: cut slow opening from 3DS version, start at fast pace version and continue until the end of the initial loop. Frankly, I don't have much of an issue with this. What I do have an issue with is the fact that Darkness of Eternity is fully played out on the iOS version. Love that song, but it really pisses me off that the 3DS version didn't even play the song all the way through.

The list would have gotten a 4 from me, but since I found out about the difference in length for "Darkness", I'm giving the list a 3
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User Info: Externica

4 years ago#2
I liked FFIX very much, it was the first FF I ever played. I believe that was when FFX-2 was already out - I came really late to the party.
Either way, FFIX has a special place and I enjoyed a lot of its songs. But the chosen tracks are... lacking.
The standard battle theme was okay at best, so was the boss theme. I'm just lucky the "Fairy Battles" are not included.
Also, as said in a different topic, I can't remember hearing the song "Open the door" and I don't find it to be well suited as EMS.
Roses of May or Melodies of Life would have been more to my liking. Then again, the FMS-Track is based on MoL and the japanese version was included as Ending Theme. So, MoL missing is probably for the better.
I do like that "Something to fight for" has been added, though.

As for the DLC, I always thought the Kuja Bettle Theme was called "Dark Messenger", not "Darkness of Eternity". Either way, I'm glad it was included. I also liked the final battle theme.

What I do miss, is the field song of Terra. I loved that place and the enchanting song that played there. The final Dungeon had another nice track. I'm sad Treno was used instead as DLC.
Also, "You are not alone" is yet another track criticised for missing. Well, it's in the iOS-Version, but why not available on the 3DS?

Again, I'm on the fence. Should I give it a 2 or a 3? I am disappointed.
Oh well... *hits the 2*

User Info: QuantumWolf

4 years ago#3
The IX portions were really the main draw for me buying this game in the first place. IX is my very first Final Fantasy game and one of my personal favorite games of all time, so the nostalgia factor in playing those songs was a great feeling.

That said...the selection of songs in the game could've been a bit better. While the re-occurring songs like the Battle, Boss and World Map themes were in, as well as the two final boss battle themes, a few more wouldn't have hurt. I agree that the lack of FMS hurt the selection, in an inverse to FFI's problem with its respective songs. I would've liked the Airship theme and a few dungeon themes in the game.

What we did get though was nice. Especially liked Something to Protect being a battle song, and for a misc, Beatrix's theme being one of the menu themes in the game. Not Alone really peeved me off though. Because it's on the iOS and not on the 3DS.

So I'll give it a 4 myself. Could've been better, but overall good choices.
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User Info: Link484

4 years ago#4
I give it a 3. IX is my favorite FF, and the one with my favorite soundtrack, and while it did have some of my favorites like Something to Protect, several other obvious songs were missing, and there were overall not enough tracks, especially FMS. Tha absence of You's Not Alone really hurt the 3DS version, and there are tons more that could have been used like...

Hilda Garde 3
Black Mage Village,
Vamo'alla Flamenco,
Feel My Blade
Eternal Harvest
...and a playable version of the Terra theme (A Place to call Home and its variations) would have been nice.
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User Info: NegaZelda

4 years ago#5
Ah FFIX...my favourite game in the series. Good story, great characters, nice ability system (and abilities) though battle system could've been better. Theatrhythm, however, is a slightly different story.

It has most of the tracks I'd say are needed. "Battles 1 & 2", "Crossing Those Hills" (what this game calls "Over the Hill"), "Dark Messenger" (I HATE that Squeenix insist on renaming it "Darkness of Eternity") and "Final Battle" were all very good picks. That leaves "Protecting My Devotion" ("Something to Protect"), "Dark City, Treno" and "Behind the Door".

"Protecting My Devotion" is a song I have nothing against; it is a very good song in its own right and especially fits with the context it's in. But there are a few other songs that should've got in before it, namely: "You're Not Alone", "Mystery Sword", "Hunter's Chance" (not that remixed menu ver., though it is decent) and "Feel My Blade" would have all been superior to this. I also feel the "Earth Shrine" music would've fit since it is a very tense theme. "You're Not Alone" missing from the 3DS is very jarring, on par with "Liberi Fatali" missing from VIII. It is a pivotal song and is in one of the most memorable set of scenes in the game.

As for Treno...what the heck were they thinking? Nobody who played IX remembers it for this piece. There are far and away better songs that are more suited for a game about FF's music history. "Vivi's Theme" (Alexandria's theme), "Terra", "Eternal Harvest", "Garland's Theme", "Black Mage Village", "Vamo' Alla Flamenco", "Boundary, South Gate", "Unforgettable Face", heck, even "Kingdom of Burmecia" would've been better than Treno. Is this to say Treno's music is terrible? No, it isn't. In fact, it is a very good solo piano piece. But as far as memories go, it wasn't a good choice at all.

And finally, "Behind the Door". I can see where they were coming from with this. Squeenix probably felt they needed something from one of the game's endings, which this is from, namely, the ending FMV (not the credits). To be honest, I am perplexed as to why it isn't memorable, though I will admit I didn't know the name of this song for quite some time until after I finished the game. Again, however, I feel better choices could've been made. "Garnet's Theme", "Breaking Through South Gate", "Run!" and "Birth of the New Queen" (if they could loop it good) would have been my top picks for an EMS. I wouldn't have minded "Melodies of Life", but that's the Ending Theme (maybe the instrumental for the Ending? FFX had the instrumental "Suteki Da Ne"...)

But here's the one thing about FFIX: even if those 3 above were substituted for one of the above lot I listed, I'd still be in a similar situation since I'd rather see them all. Maybe it's just me, but I feel FFIX has so many great songs to its name, it'd be impossible for me to name the one I like best. FFX has the most songs for DLC right now IIRC at 7. FFIX has 4, leaving 3 spots still available (if 7's the limit). I really hope they release some others (at the very least "You're Not Alone" as it is one of the most recognised).

I'm torn between whether to give FFIX a 3 or 4 really. I'd give it 3 because it's missing so many songs that are more memorable than we were given, but I'd still give it a 4 because what we were given wasn't bad at all, just not as good compared to what could've been. I guess a 4.
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