ITT: We post Ideas for a Theatrhythm sequel

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User Info: Zhacarias

4 years ago#1
Any gameplay enhancements you would make? New characters? Modes?

Post your ideas here.

User Info: AkanubonOrih

4 years ago#2
My biggest thing would be more songs on the cart and less DLC. I felt a bit underwhelmed when I finished all 13 games. Also, why no 14 or 10-2/13-2? I know they're not the main series, but they're as close as it gets for the side games.

Also instead of mashing up a bunch of cut-scenes for 1 EMS per game, why not have separate songs for separate full cut-scenes? I'm sure they could manage 3 per game easy. One early on, one somewhere in the middle for the coolest/best scene (FF9's Alexander vs. Bahamut, FF10's wedding scene, etc.) and one for the ending.
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User Info: NessEggman

4 years ago#3
Theatrhythm: Sa-Ga

NUFF SAID ^____^

Playable characters:

Generic Human, Esper, Monster, and Mech (to represent SaGa 1-3). The monster could have certain abilities you equip, and it changes which monster it is, giving it a different set of abilities... so you'd have to work with the pre-made setups... just like in the game! lol.

And then all the lead characters from the other SaGa games... Since there's less SG games than FF games, and each character usually has their own story/ending.

Let's see that would be

SaGa 1-3 could have the 4 generic characters
Romancing SaGa - 8 characters
Romancing SaGa 3 - 8 characters
SaGa Frontier - 7 characters
SaGa Frontier 2 - 2 characters
UNLIMITED:Saga - 7 characters

So that's around 35-40 characters (too lazy to count them up).

SaGa Frontier 2 had generic characters as well, I think? Like just "boy" or "girl" were your options... I think... I kinda forget lol;;

Other important characters could be included like the Dad from SaGa 2, Minstrel from Romancing SaGa, Fuse from SaGa Frontier, and Henri from UNLIMITED:Saga, something like that.

I would buy it and all DLC ^__^
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User Info: NessEggman

4 years ago#4
More TR:SG ideas...

Instead of dark notes.. you'd have an "adventure" mode. You'd play through field music to get to the next area, which may be a town or an encounter. You can't replenish HP at the end of a song, and you can't re-equip unless you reach a town. It would be kind of an RPG-like game using Theatrhythm to move, battle, and advance the 'story.'

There would be no actual story to this mode, it's just a different way to unlock characters and items and stuff.

Like SaGa, a big part of this would be taking on quests and exploring... In the towns, you would ask in an inn or pub for quests, and then you could undertake them. As you wandered, you would find "clues" that tipped you off to which town you had to reach or what you had to do to clear the quest. There would be many objectives. Clearing a quest, the better chance you'd have of finding something like rare item or crystal.

You could save your game, but once you took so many quests, you would have to fight a final boss and the game would end. The more you accomplished during your adventure, the better and more rare items you'd get at the end.

Then you could start all over from the beginning :)

Sounds very SaGa-like, and way more interesting than dark notes!
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User Info: DreamwaIker

4 years ago#5
I wouldn't want a whole new game just yet. I honestly think they can wait a good 5 years for that.

I would like to see the iOS content appear on 3DS DLC, and I'd like FFX-2, FF13-2, and FF4:TAY (don't forget that one) to have some songs (well, 13-2 already has a song).

I'd like to see the Rythmia screen disabled once you pass 99999 rhythmia - either that or raise the cap, but if they weren't storing our progress beyond 99999 so far, I'd rather they just disable the screen). Also, disable the exp screen when all party members are lvl99 (except to show items, if any are earned).

Record Clear, Perfect Chain, and All Critical ratings separately from top scores on challenges, that way the trophy system can reward things accurately, and you can keep better track of your progress.

Add FF14.. might as well.

Add FF13:LR when that comes out, as well as one song from each other random FF game. Tactics? Crisis Core? Etc.

Improve the Dark Note collection system.

Make it easier to view how many crystals you already have of a color.

Add DLC to the Music playlist so you can just listen to those if you want (without having to constantly reload them manually with Practice or Play Demo).

Make long songs that were cut off become full length, or at least have a full length version.

Possibly an editor, where you could take original music or DLC and make your own challenges for your friends, which you could share via StreetPass.

Make an option to keep equipment but toggle Stoic mode on and off. Or, even better, allow maybe 5 preset character/equipment configurations. You could have one for what you're trying to level up, one for survivability (curaga, pray, protect, HP up, etc), one for Dark Notes (speed main and good abilities and strength on others), and one for score (stoic).

User Info: crunchyfrog99

4 years ago#6
Chrono Trigger Theatrythm
FFTactics Music DLC.
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User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#7
Theatrhythm TWEWY

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User Info: oldskl1990s

4 years ago#8
I thought Theatrhythm: Legend of Zelda would be awesome. Then I thought Super Smash Bros type with all of the Nintendo franchises. (Metroid, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Mario, Kirby, etc.) That would be truly awesome! But I'd settle for Chrono Trigger or Mega Man.
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User Info: NinetoZero

4 years ago#9
TVirusPredator posted...
Theatrhythm TWEWY

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