Rate that game's representation Day 14: Variety

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User Info: Dr_Koopa76

4 years ago#1
On a scale of 1-5, rate the songs used to represent the various songs from the non-main series titles - Results (7 votes)
28.57% (2 votes)
57.14% (4 votes)
14.29% (1 votes)
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
This poll is now closed.
FFI results: 3.16/5
FFII results: 3.33/5
FFIII results: 3.70/5
FFIV results: 4.23/5
FFV results: 4/5
FFVI results: 4.75/5
FFVII results: 4.55/5
FFVIII results: 3.86/5
FFIX results: 3.47/5
FFX results: 3.75/5
FFXI results: 4.43/5
FFXII results: 4/5
FFXIII results: 3.67/5

FF13 got mostly 4's but it wasn't enough as it currently stands as the 4th lowest rated game. We've reached the final set of songs that need to be rated: Songs that were plucked from numerous FF spin-offs, main series sequels and movies (not named The Spirits Within) that were added as DLC (most of them only for the iOS).

FF songs used:
FF XIII-2: Etro's Champion
FF Versus XIII: Somnus (cut from iOS version)
FF Type-0: We Have Arrived
FF X-2: KUON: Memories of Waves and Light (iOS exclusive)
FF Tactics: Antipyretic (iOS exclusive)
FF Crystal Chronicles: Sound of the Wind (iOS exclusive)
FFVII Advent Children: Beyond the Wasteland (iOS exclusive)
FFVII Advent Children: ~Advent: One-Winged Angel~ (iOS exclusive)

To be perfectly honest, I would have saved these and all other songs that weren't part of the main series titles for a possible Theatrhythm sequel if it ever came to fruition. I probably shouldn't even be rating this list since I only own the 3DS version, but I'm going to rate it anyway.

I really have to question SE's decisions for some of these songs being included. We have a song from a game that's not even done (Versus XIII) and for some odd reason was cut from the iOS version. We have a song from a game that hasn't even been released outside of Asia (Type-0). Who knows when Type-0 will ever see the light of day in NA/EU.

I'm gonna assume that the only reason a song from XIII-2 was chosen before a X-2 song was because XIII-2 was released early in the year (and to be quite honest, Etro's Champion isn't even that good). You would think that since Crystal Chronicles was on a Nintendo console, SE would have the good sense to put the CC song into the 3DS version instead it being only for the iOS.

But the decision that really piqued my interest was Advent: OWA. Officially the longest song in the game at 6mins, I'm very jealous of the iOS players who bought the song. I mean have you watched the demo of this thing?


Getting the perfect chain on all difficulties (and all Criticals) would be one hell of a challenge and I would love to see how I would do on Ultimate.

So how should I rate this list? Other than the 3DS songs and Advent: OWA, I don't know how the other songs play. I just listened to the rest of the included songs and I must say that they sound great (if they cut off the end of KUON for the FMS, that would be a very stupid decision)

Since I only can only play three of the songs, the list should really get a 3. But I didn't like Etro's Champion all that much, so I'm giving the list a 2 >_>
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User Info: Link484

4 years ago#2
1, obviously.

Versus? Are you kidding me? And Type-0, the only game that hasn1t been released in English? And where is anything else from XIII-2, like Plains of Eternity? That songs BEGS for being included in a rhythm game. What about the Tacics series? Crystal Chronicles? Even X-2 had like two notable songs that could be here.
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User Info: Externica

4 years ago#3
One point from me.

First of all, the 3DS has only three, if memory doesn't fail me here. And I don't like any of them.

Second, where is FFX-2? I don't care most fans didn't like it. It did have some wonderful songs, "1000 Words" and "What can I do for you" come to mind. And since it has been years since I played X-2, I can't remember all tracks. But I'm sure you could find a lot more to be included.
And not to mention: Why not more from the Tactics-Spinn offs? Granted, I only played FFTA, but I enjoyed it.
Versus seems to be stuck in development hell, so I don't give it any credit. And type-0, well... no idea what this is about, other than not being released in the west.
Not to mention, there are also a lot more songs in FF13-2, so why just one?

And third, most of the variation songs are only available on the iOS.

User Info: DreamwaIker

4 years ago#4
Among some other things that have been mentioned, they need FF IV Mysterious Girl Battle Music.

User Info: Link484

4 years ago#5
DreamwaIker posted...
Among some other things that have been mentioned, they need FF IV Mysterious Girl Battle Music.

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