Well, for those who want a new rhythm game...

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User Info: aqualta

4 years ago#1
...I can DEFINITELY recommend HarmoKnight. It tests your rhythm skills in a completely different way to Theatrhythm. Let's face it, you can be quite a long way out of the rhythm in Theatrhythm and still get Criticals. At the end of hold notes, the allowance for a late release is ridiculously long (though woe betide you if you're early!) The challenge is in being consistently accurate enough throughout 100, 200, even 300+ notes to get that SSS.

HarmoKnight is not that. HarmoKnight is precision. Super, super tight precision. I'm talking more about the later levels...well, specifically the VERY LAST level, because I planned to be going to bed at 11pm tonight, but here I am still at 1.21am because I was DETERMINED to beat this darned thing. >.< But the fact that you can play every level in double speed means you need to be super tight in all of those, too. You can feel like you're on beat, but it'll still pull you up and YOU KNOW it was your fault and you WERE those couple hundreths of a second out that don't matter so much in TFF. Oh yeah, and while you have 5-8 health for each level, that won't help you much if you fall in a pit. Pits suck.

It's compensated by the lack of the recognition of a perfect score, which is a good thing, actually, because it would be almost impossible to achieve such a thing on many of these stages. In fact the community are still trying to work out what the perfect scores ARE in many levels, because of the option to charge your shot before hitting enemies to get an extra note. The challenge of gold flowers on all levels is something I expect to take me quite a while. The reward of concept art after each Great clear of a 2x speed level is a neat touch, and provides a nice little incentive to keep you rolling on to full completion.

£13? Yeah, I'd say it's worth it. Give Tempo a go!

User Info: Externica

4 years ago#2
I tried the demo but didn't like it very much.

User Info: Link484

4 years ago#3
Interesting game, I beat the demo, but overall I found it too hard for my tastes.
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User Info: Rude Hero

Rude Hero
4 years ago#4
Loved the demo, definitely considering this...
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User Info: AuroraSilverain

4 years ago#5
I love rhythm games of all kinds but I didn't care much for HarmoKnight. The timing isn't so much strict but wrong. And the music, save for the bonus Pokemon stages, isn't very good. Not to mention incredibly repetitive. There's absolutely no point in having several levels being pretty much the exact same song. Just make those into one big level, at least. I don't get why people say it was difficult, it's probably the 2nd easiest rhythm game I ever played.
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