Mutliplayer, DLC and other questions

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User Info: SpikeGames

6 years ago#1
So everyone seems to be asking the same questions:

- Will the multiplayer freeze be fixed?

- When will the multiplayer be fixed?
The problem is actually with microsoft and not the game. It works fine in the development environments where we as devs can test and it only breaks in the live environment which microsoft configures. We are trying to get their tech folks to fix it asap be we can only move as fast they are able. Please bear with us. We know there is a problem and we will fix it.

- Don't you test this stuff?
Of course we test this stuff. It requires months of testing and final verification from ms before going live. However once it is live it lives in a new live environment and any issues caused there are beyond our ability to pre-test.

- When is DLC coming?
We are aiming to have it out within the next 45 days. We are working to get you DLC much faster than the last game and I would hope that this would be appreciated. We wanted to give fans some hints, and I think they are working.

- Who will be in it?
I can't say because I have to let our press department reveal certain facts to the gaming press exclusively otherwise they wont write about the game. No press means no marketing means no sales means no more deadliest warrior.

- Why wasn't Joan in DLC or the game?
Joan is not ready.

- Will DLC be free?
No, but it will cost less than the last one. And please try to understand that there are people on the other end working to get you guys everything you want. Those people need to be paid. As much as we love this game and the fans, we all need to make a living. Giving stuff you paid to build out for free just does not make sense.

- What about Miyamoto Musashi and all the other great warriors that ever lived?
Currently only characters that were in the show and that we have data for are being considered for characters. Eventhough we had a samurai he was not MM. For example he wielded a dual blade, the samurai did not. There are empirical reasons why we don't just double the damage or give him two of the same sword that the samurai had. They were not the same kinds of swords.

- Will we ever see MM or any of the other great?
There is a chance we can get the rights and clearance to take this game further than the show characters. But if this game does not do well then the chances are slim.

- Am I a PR person?
No I am not. I am the creative director on the title. My name is on the credits. This is not my job, I talk to you guys because I want to hear what you think and how I can make the game better.

- Is there a number you can call to get your money back?
You can call microsoft if you want. We don't get our money back from them for anything. Our team is 4 people, we are not a large corporation with a 24 customer service hotline. But really, if there are problems with the game we are working to fix them. We can't turn around things instantly I'm afraid.

- Will there be any character balancing done?
Yes, we will monitor gameplay for about about a month and see what trends emerge. A week is not enough data. But first lets fix the multiplayer issue shall we?

This is a great community with lots of smart people talking about the game. I encourage you to keep those discussions up and we will try our best to meet all your needs.

(edited 6 years ago)

User Info: tomertr

6 years ago#2
Thanks for answering our questions, its really cool when developers do this.

User Info: J Nice

J Nice
6 years ago#3
Thanks for the post Spike. I was critical of certain aspects of the game at first, but after playing more I'm starting to see the bigger picture you guys painted.
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User Info: FutureShockUK

6 years ago#4
I really appreciate it when developers are kind enough to take time out of there day to talk to the fans. Thanks Spike Games!
I can tell by that look in your eyes, we're the same, My Dead End Friends & I.
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6 years ago#5

Thanks spike ,But i am having this offline freeze my xbox is old but all of my other games from arcade live are not doing this and it seems to only freeze when it is loading between the fights has any body else been having this problem.The game is great and i am looking forward to more dlc but the freeze thing is geting old

User Info: riku_wilder

6 years ago#6
^Just play either Tournament mode or Player Match. The game only freezes if you do Ranked, but you still get Rank points if you play a Tournament Match.

Once you figure that out, Multiplayer freezes is a minor issue.
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User Info: DRzCalderon

6 years ago#7
How about the " if Anyone Khan, Ghengis khan," Achievement.?

Many Have done what the achievement is required but it does not unlock?
"You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain."

User Info: Tringle520

6 years ago#8
I feel like they are probably aware of any achievement glitches and these will be fixed in due time. They have a small team and are doing what they can. Just keep on practicing and once the freezing is over let the floodgates open for multiplayer matches!

User Info: M_Live

6 years ago#9
Can you confirm how many DLC characters you guys are working, or if there will be things like stages/modes/etc. other than characters?

And if there will be "cheats" released like there was for the original title?

If you can't answer these questions, thanks anyway. I enjoy both games & it's cool that someone who worked on them is in contact with the fans like this.
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User Info: DRzCalderon

6 years ago#10
^^^ just to let you know the Cheats from the first game work in DW2.

But DW Legends is easier than the first. So these cheats are just a bonus.
"You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain."
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