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User Info: smdie

5 years ago#1
I would love to work for yous guys. I don't get some things about the last game it feels like you have conflicting ideas going on. why the imposed time limit to pick a character. Who the bleep thought great idea. You still have neglected a lobby or even a return to character select. I do love the game but some aholes need to be fired on this. Thanks for taking my ideas about being able to turn off projectiles and such but the game is no fun without a lobby. The level design is worse than before. Not trying to be an ahole but this game is 1 second away from being good and will never get there.Too many hands in the soup.

User Info: CStrife07

5 years ago#2
They don't come here anymore, the board is pretty dead. Honestly, the game itself seemed barren too last time I tried to play. Poor thing too, I loved it.

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