Pratchett's Safe *spoilers*

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User Info: Amakusa42

5 years ago#1
Just so you dont get it backward like I did, its 4-7-3. I kept doing them in the order of the paintings.
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User Info: Noname919

5 years ago#2
Thanks I couldn't figure it out.

User Info: PearsNwhiskey

5 years ago#3
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User Info: Supernautus

5 years ago#4
Worked it out by doing it in the order his note tells you to.

User Info: codebreak1337

5 years ago#5
where is pratchett safe and whats in it ?
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User Info: slayaman

5 years ago#6
A rune and its on the second or third area for kaldwins bridge.

User Info: Elswood2112

5 years ago#7
The paintings have titles to let you know which one is the slaughterhouse. I got confused by that at first and mixed up the last 2.
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User Info: Kingz_of_Fun

5 years ago#8
it also has 200 coins in it :P

User Info: FrOZeN_OuTLaW

5 years ago#9

Safe combinations for all the safes, if you need it
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