Emily's father? (MAJOR SPOILERS)

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User Info: InfectedVader

5 years ago#1
Is Corvo, right?

According to that last note (havelock entry 7 I believe) it seems so.
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User Info: Kiro0

5 years ago#2
Yes. Lord Pendleton also accuses you of sleeping with the late empress, at least if you had high chaos throughout the game.

User Info: InfectedVader

5 years ago#3
Well that's pretty damn amazing.

I just don't get the hate for the plot...
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User Info: Valentino16

5 years ago#4

obviously the biggest clue, but yeah. I thought that was a cool plot device
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User Info: Darque

5 years ago#5
It was a cool plot twist.
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User Info: IndyBoy180

5 years ago#6
So in some ways... this is like Taken.

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User Info: grossmoff

5 years ago#7
I dont like how they executed this.
To me it was very clear in the beginning, they way emily hugs you and reacts to you, the never mentioned (late?) emperor, the never mentioned father of the child.

I think this could have been a much more satisfying revenge game if they made clear from the very beginning that the empress was your great love and emily your daughter.

User Info: Assassin_X_Geth

5 years ago#8
Yeah I knew from the intro she was Corvos daughter. The love he showed her was that of a father at the start. I didn't even realize that the try to make it sound likes hes not until later. To me it was glaringly obvious.
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User Info: Jager-1

5 years ago#9
I was pretty sure he was her father since the trailer where she hugged him and I do agree that they could of done a better job making you care about the Empress, instead of the prison level they could of started you off at a night back at the tower, show some happy family moments between the three, then the assassins attack and you have to try to protect her.

Then she dies and you are framed, would also make more sense with Emily since you'd of had plenty of time and space to hide her (from the guard's perspective) rather than her apparently vanishing from a closed space in 3 minutes. The Outsider could then give Corvo his mark while he's in prison, letting you bust out with your powers to spice up the level.
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