Blake's survivors in Flooded District

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User Info: Asterra

5 years ago#1
I'll plug away at this again in a bit, but here's what's going on: You tell Blake the coast is clear, the survivors start pouring out, they get agro and die.

Outside of killing the tallboys (which I can't do, due to achievements) or dragging them around the field (same), I don't see how this can be prevented. I went so far as to look for Youtube walkthroughs, and every last one of them skips this level's content entirely.

User Info: SamuriChameleon

5 years ago#2
I have no idea what you're talking about and this is coming from someone who's beat the game multiple times. So you can probably just ignore these survivors entirely.
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User Info: Phantasmplus

5 years ago#3
I thought you just depowered 2 Arc Pylons and sleep'd a dude walking around them then told them it's fine and tadaa.
I'll just have to get a full apology from you later.

User Info: The_WhiterideR

5 years ago#4
who is blake? ive played through three times and havent seen anyone named blake. wtf???
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User Info: Moegitto

5 years ago#5
Are you actually keeping a look out? I know that's one of the mission parameters, just sit up high and make sure the tall boys don't come towards the alley. Just try throwing bottles and stuff to distract the tall boys away.

User Info: Asterra

5 years ago#6
Shrug. I play meticulously so I can get the most out of a game. It helps that I get a very small Fallout 3 vibe from this game.

The answer to my question seems to be: Block them from using the door until the tallboy moves away. May have to do this three times.

Something I was specifically having difficulty with was the fact that one of the survivors was refusing to walk over the corpses that were in her way, just before the door. I had to remove them before the game slotted back into functionality.

User Info: Asterra

5 years ago#7
It also seems as though at least one of the survivors decides it'd be grand to wander back to the house they just escaped from. I'll need to see if this can be solved by choking him. Sigh. Evidence that the beta testers, too, were anxious to blaze through this content.

User Info: Asterra

5 years ago#8
Answer: Nope, that instantly fails the side mission. So I guess the only way to finish this one successfully, outside of killing the tallboy, is to rescue them and then avoid talking to them after the fact (so they remain gathered in a circle).

User Info: ph4zr

5 years ago#9
You can distract the tallboys fairly easily by shooting crossbow bolts near one of the far buildings (provided they're in range). You might have to wait for their patrol to take them about midway there, or up the difficulty so they have better hearing, though.

Also, it wouldn't hurt to wait to tell Blake the coast is clear until after the tallboys have started walking away from the alleyway. I'm not sure what exactly happened, but one time when I tried distracting them when they were too close, they just started walking -toward- me. It might have been the survivors, or it might be that the crossbow isn't so "silent" after all. I don't know. But waiting for them to start walking away should give you enough time to get to a better vantage point after talking to Blake.

Mind, if you have high chaos, I'm not sure if there will be more than just the 2-3 (or 4?) tallboys that I saw. Of course, if you have high chaos (and -want- high chaos), there's really no point in helping them. If you prefer, you can even turn the lights on. ... I thought maybe the lights would provide a "distraction" the first time, and it did... just not so much for them. x.x

-Edit- As for the wandering survivors, I never had this problem, but if you get everything set for leaving the district in a hurry, you can probably rush around the side before the tallboys walk back and spot the wanderer. You could also keep them focused away from the alley until you reach the wall of light, which should give you time to get to the door. After that, I can't imagine the game bothers to keep simulating maps you've left behind, unless it does something like X3: TC and just rolls on events.
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User Info: Asterra

5 years ago#10
Distractions weren't necessary. Once the pylon is down, a couple of the tallboys drop by, wait a bit, and leave. After this, one of the tallboys spends his time wandering back and forth between the field and the survivors' alley. It's easy enough to wait until he's retreating before allowing more survivors to pass.

The wanderer bug puts me in mind of the guest-gets-killed-by-guards bug in the Boyle mission. It suggests that whatever beta testing the game got, there were no particular requirements to be all that thorough.
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