Ugh... Lady Boyle's Last Party is just not possible.

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  3. Ugh... Lady Boyle's Last Party is just not possible.

User Info: EspyOwner

4 years ago#1
As soon as I enter the manor my magic is disabled and I die within seconds of entering. Am I doing something horribly wrong?
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User Info: DrakeSparda

4 years ago#2
... How are you entering? Are you doing a high chaos run or low? Where are you entering from? Did you set off any alarms on the way in?

Personally I've played through the game twice. And both times once I was in the party it was easy.
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User Info: jetspikefever

4 years ago#3
Yeah you have to be barging in there. Try some other routes, there are plenty of ways to get in there without setting off alarms.

User Info: kcheung5440

4 years ago#4
It's a bug. It happened to me and several others on here. Restart the mission or reload an earlier save.
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User Info: ghettoghost45

4 years ago#5
As soon as I left the boat, I possessed a fish and went thru a grate in the sewers, then up thru Boyle's cellar and entered the party thru the back to the boat was a different

User Info: boblebob

4 years ago#6
i walked in. did the duel. talked to the dude that offers you the other option with lady boyle. snuck upstairs by waiting for the guard to leave the stairs near the banquet hall. collected all that stuff. downstairs to speak to lady boyle. told her to go to the cellar. subdued her and gave her to the guy.
got out of there via the little tunnel bit that leads back to the river. jumped in and swan to samuel
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User Info: Sobriquet835

4 years ago#7
Also worth noting is that the party is invitation only. If you barge in the front door without showing the doorman an invite, it will look suspicious.
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User Info: boblebob

4 years ago#8
i must have picked it up in an earlier mission somewhere
haha i even signed my name in the guestbook
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User Info: Gadget20

4 years ago#9
If your looking for a way to beat that mission easily heres what you should do. First, make sure that you currently have low chaos. When samuel drops you off at the boyle estate, There will be more tallboys, and guards to deal with depending on your chaos. If you have high chaos, there will be four tallboys and five guards to deal with. If you have low chaos, there will only be two tallboys and three guards to deal with. So you should make sure you have low chaos before doing this mission so that it will be easier. In this mission, there will always be 9 weepers to deal with whether your chaos is low or high, but you wont encounter them in areas where guards and tallboys patrol often. When I have low chaos, when samuel drops me off then I first blink to the top of the wall that is on the right side next to samuel's boat when he drops me off. I wait for the guard to come out of plain sight then I choke him out, and hide his body (The rest of the guards and the tallboy are on the other side of the street). Now I only have one tallboy to sneak past (He is immune to sleep darts and I cannot choke him out eiter. Killing that tallboy may attract attention so this is why I perfer to sneak past it). Once I sneak past him, I blink over the big gate and now im in the neutral zone.
I hide my weapons and I proceed to the doorman. I usually wait for one of the guests to drop her invitation, then I go retrieve it and show it to the doorman so he could let me in the party. There is also another way to get into the party without the invitation (THIS REQUIRES AT LEAST 5 SLEEPING DARTS AND THE ABILITY TO BEND TIME). First I shoot the doorman with my sleeping dart, and take his key. Then I bend time, shoot the three guests that are close to the doorman before they yell for help and alert the guards. Once time resumes, I enter stealth mode, use the key to open the door, choke out the last guard, and hide his body in the same room where I darted the doorman. Once I do all of this, I can put my weapons away and proceed to the party. The rest of the guards will not attack me or yell for help unless they catch me rewiring or tampering with their alarm system. I continue to make my way to the party without attracting more attention. Once I see lord shaw, I give him the letter but I DO NOT duel him because I will be forced to kill him which could raise my chaos. Then I proceed into the party. Once Im in the party, the rest of the guards in there will not attack me unless I "blow my cover". The following counts as blowing my cover:

Firing my pistol or crossbow in front of guests or guards.
Using a grenade, or other equipment that could harm someone in front of guards.
Saying something to one of the lady boyle sisters that could make em call for the guards.
Using offensive magic such as Devoring Swarm, Wind blast, or Possession.

Heres something really ridiculous about this mission: Using blink, or Doublejumping in front of guests and guards may also count as blowing my cover, Depending on how you did it.

User Info: boblebob

4 years ago#10
is it possible to stealth kill every person in the party level? im trying to do this but struggling. especially as i dont have stop time 2
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  3. Ugh... Lady Boyle's Last Party is just not possible.

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