questions about dialogue choices... [spoilers]

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User Info: ZeroJinKui

4 years ago#1
ok, i just finished the mission where i kidnapped sokolov and i got some sleep after thoroughly exploring the pub, as i try to remember to do...

...and i get another choice to be nice to emily, or be the world's most horrible man, obviously, i choose the nice option.

now, i am curious... what happens if you DO choose the unfriendly options with emily? does she start growing apart from you through the story, does it change anything at all?

her drawing of corvo was cute, and it confirmed she thinks of him as her father.

now, i also found piero spying on castilla... i told him i'd prefer if he didnt spy on anyone here, he asked me to keep it secret.

at this point, i saved... and burst into the bathroom to talk to castilla and flirt with her [just for fun, i ended up reloading] and got an option to tell her about piero spying on her...

now, what would happen if i told her about that? would piero be mad at me? would he charge me more for his services? or what?

i hope someone can tell me if these kinda dialogue choices will change anything in the game... i am trying to be a good guy in this playthrough, trying to be as non-lethal as possible, so hopefully someone can tell me what the best choice here is, if they alter anything, anyway.
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User Info: Silenced_Snake

4 years ago#2
The funnest part is figuring out for yourself! :) That's part of the replay value.

User Info: charyon

4 years ago#3
I think the only part where it "really" matters is if you are trying to do non-lethal on Lady Boyle. In which case, you have to convince her to go down to the cellar.
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  3. questions about dialogue choices... [spoilers]

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