oh, for **** sake [spoilers]

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User Info: ZeroJinKui

4 years ago#1
im currently doing the boyle's party mission, and after running around and doing some investigating, etc... i decided to peek at the dishonored wiki... and i see i got the MOST DIFFICULT sister to capture on my first try... goddamn lydia!

she only stays in public areas and since i didnt get esma, i have absolutely no way to safely go upstairs, now... this sucks, so much of this place is gonna be left unexplored, now.

i have a save before i entered the house, can i reload to that and get a different target?

if not, i guess i'll have to reload back to before i even left the pub and start the mission all over again from the very start... this mission sucks because of the random target, and only one of them allowing you upstairs.
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User Info: DCdemonic1

4 years ago#2
My first time playing I got upstairs by disabling the wall of light and blinking up there unseen. You can disable to wall of light by going into a storage room and removing the whale oil. There's probably other ways of getting upstairs unseen as well. I was going for the mostly flesh and steel trophy and didn't have any other powers to use.

User Info: boblebob

4 years ago#3
i always seem to get lydia. doesnt seem to be a problem. its easy to get her to go to the cellar. you just talk to her and tell her someone wants to see her down there.then you just kill or knock her out

to explore upstairs i go via the stairs above the kitchen. the guard there always leaves the post. he usually follows me down to the kitchen if i go there. then i just quickly go back up.
very easy to explore once you are up there. not many guards
up yours

User Info: tom20_05

4 years ago#4
Why reload? Isn't that kinda cheap? Why make the game as easy as possible?

Figure out a way around it, don't just give up and reload, that's dumb.

Do you have Bend Time Level 2? You can use that to get upstairs. If I remember correctly, I think there's a balcony you can probably Blink to somewhere to get upstairs which leads to Esma's room. Bend Time Level 2 will also be useful in capturing Boyle.

I got Esma on my first play-through. I didn't even know they changed until I read this.

User Info: johnrayjr

4 years ago#5
Kind of off topic, but I reloaded in this game quite a bit. I'm not playing to improvise or 'make it work' or 'work around it' etc. I'm playing to pick an approach and then make that approach happen. If I screw it up I'm going to try again.

The whole reason I'm playing is to see if I can make the game do what I want it to. Cheapness has nothing to do with it, because finishing a mission is utterly secondary to how you do it. There's nothing difficult about making progress in Dishonored.

User Info: MasterShot2k5

4 years ago#6
Lydia is easy dude, what are u talkin bout?
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